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Some Yay and Some Ugh

My computer is on its last virtual legs, I think. Today while trying to compile the accessibility issues with WordPress’s Add Media panel, JAWS suddenly popped up a bunch of strange installation errors. And after trying to resolve those, my entire computer crashed. And now it’s doing all manner of odd things. I would very much like my new iMac to get here already. Seems like it’s been forever since it was ordered.

On the sort of brighter side, today I had an appointment with my rheumatologist who pretty much unequivocally ruled out nearly all of the speculated possible diagnoses I had for the pain issues, including fibromyalgia. He thinks the initial issue from last year was likely a pinched nerve from sleeping weird coupled with strained muscles and feels the continued issues are due to bursitis. So, in point of fact, my worry that working the dog had actually caused and/or exacerbated the issue were quite well founded. Though, thankfully, he doesn’t think I’m in danger of causing myself more harm by continuing to use my guide dog.

He gave me a bunch of exercises to add to my yoga routines, a script for a pretty powerful anti-inflammatory, and wants me back in two months. If I continue to have pain after all that, he wants me to have a cortisone injection. Well, actually he wanted me to have one today, but I’d rather try something that’s more sustainable since yoga has helped greatly over the last several months. Though, having said that, the poke-and-prod session has predictably left me feeling especially achy and a good part of me is regretting not jumping on the idea of an injection.

On the Horizon

It’s dreary out and I feel this post is a good reflection of that. Over the last day we’ve been having the wettest possible snow. It weights an absolute ton. And so I opted to take my hour of shoveling as substitution for today’s daily yoga. You can call it cheating, but frankly I’m too sore and exhausted to give a fig.

All kinds of stuff has been going on over the last two months with regard to work. I keep thinking I’ll have something worthy of announcing, but it’s all complicated and nothing is truly settled so mostly I’ve been vague. I do have a Very Important Test in April that I just spent more money on than I think is adequately fair. I’m really excited about the whole thing, but I’ll be much more excited if something actually comes of it. I’ll be utterly over the moon if that happens quickly, though, these things rarely do.

Tomorrow is my first appointment with my new rheumatologist. It’s actually a good time for this given I’ve been having increased issues with pain the last week. The stiffness and pain is back in my neck — and actually it was bothering me on the opposite side last week, which was a first — and I’m noticing issues in my left leg again. We’ll see what comes of it. In other health news, I’ve had an unpleasant bout with migraines over the last month. I think it might be from a combination of sinus issues and allergies since I tend to get migraines when I’m extremely stuffed up, but the last few have been incredibly bad ones and I’m sad to say I’m seriously thinking I may have to go back on meds.

I completely have forgotten the other things I was going to post because the phone just rang and utterly distracted me.

WordPress Accessibility

Joseph Karr O’Connor, a.k.a. AccessibleJoe, has showcased five of the contributors to WordPress accessibility here on his website and I’m very proud to be among this fine group.

Related, there’s a lot of activity going on at the Make WordPress Accessible blog. Of note:

If you’re at all interested in the future of accessibility within WordPress, I strongly urge you to contribute by joining our group. Whether you are just starting out with WordPress, an advanced developer or somewhere in between, we value insight and assistance. Also, please remember we have weekly IRC meetings Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Eastern in #wordpress-ui, which you are welcome and encouraged to participate in.


Today is the start of the 28th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, or CSUN13 for short, and how I desperately wish I could be a part of it as it is the largest assistive technology conference for the blind. But at $500 for registration plus travel, lodging and food for a week that’s more than a little outside of my budget.

Anyway, I’m thrilled that there will be a presentation regarding WordPress accessibility, specifically focusing on themes. Though, if I were going I would likely be the most interested in the session on accessible e-readers.

Yoga Cupcakes

I may have to take some inspiration from these confections:

Cupcakes topped with gingerbread men in yoga poses

Yoga cookie cutters are available here. And there are more yoga cupcakes here.