Two Years

Two years ago today I had one of the worst sinus infections of my life. It was snowy and cold and I was miserable.

Portrait of me and Uschi on a black background; me lying on my back with Uschi rolling partially on her back on top of meOh, also, I was partnered with Uschi.

Two years later I still find it remarkable that she can contain all that frenetic energy and focus herself as a guide dog. I’m still ludicrously amused and entertained by her antics. And I continue to find myself enamored of her adorable moments and baffled by her quirky habits.

Mostly, I’m amazed at how proficient a partner she is. She keeps me safe when we’re away from home and young at heart when we’re not.

This coming year will be bringing with it many changes for us both and will undoubtedly be an adjustment for Uschi in her working life. I expect she’ll adapt just fine and I’m more than a little curious to see her reaction to some of my future plans. At the least, I’m certain she’ll prove no less ridiculous to be quite believable.

Honestly that’s just fine with me.

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