Review Requests

I’ve had an influx of people using the contact form here asking for reviews on various products. These used to be far and between enough that a quick reply email was sufficient, but over the last few months for reasons completely unknown to me these requests have picked up drastically. And in the interest of saving myself this extra task, especially since I am so terribly busy at the moment, I’ll save all of us the trouble and give you my unequivocal answer on the matter.

No, I will not review your product. I don’t care if you are offering it to me for free or even if you want to pay me for my time; the answer is no.

Even if I had the time to devote to such an errand, generally speaking I mainly write reviews of books, movies and television shows. And sometimes I only write those when I’m feeling particularly snarky, which I am fairly certain is not the angle you are looking for.

The products I might be interested in reviewing are those that I have a specific interest in, i.e., I own them and/or have used them extensively at some point. I have no need of, nor interest in, being sent a product simply to test it out and report on it regardless of the claims of how useful it might be

Thanks all the same, but I’m just not interested.

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