Random Bullets

  • There’s a thing that happened yesterday. It’s not a good thing. But in so much as can be in about a day, things are sorted. I’ll probably elaborate when things are a bit less up in the air. Before you ask, it’s not my thing exactly and so I’m more-or-less fine.
  • Had an eye doctor’s appointment today, which has made my eyes hurt to the point I am almost sure they are actually on fire. Discovered my doc has just started using WordPress, like, this week.
  • Picked out a pair of frames with purple spots on them. They go well with my purple aviator sunglasses I got last year.
  • Started my last semester of classes . . . for the third time.
  • In what can only be described as either exceptional organization and planning or desperate need for it not to be winter any longer, I have been having some back-and-forth about some on-location professional photography sessions this Spring. For what it’s worth, I actually need to have headshots.
  • Actually, also need to get a passport photo taken so as to finally renew my ridiculously expired passport.
  • Making tentative plans to spend a week in NYC in May.1
  • Going shopping sometime soonish for a new desk and chair. Related: need to clean and organize my home office. It is a ‘sty.
  • It is cold and I am exceedingly displeased.
  1. Thinking May 4th to something or around then at least.

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