I know I’m being annoyingly vague about all the things going on here currently and I’m very sorry that I’m not going into more detail, but presently I’m just not comfortable announcing it to the whole of the Internet. I expect that will change shortly enough and I hope you all can respect that.

Anyway, things here are frantic. I kind of feel like I’m three days off from a final exam and only just discovered I have half a course’s worth of material to go over. It’s a whole combination of things and actually school stuff is part of it, though, strictly speaking classes don’t start until next week. I do at least have my books, which is something of a miracle. I’m in this weird place at work right now where nothing is going on but there are tons of things in the planning stages which will most likely be dropped in my lap because that’s just how things go. And I’m having a lot of inconsistent pain issues; not the least of which is a migraine that has been insistently lingering for the better part of a week.

Hmm . . . doesn’t all seem so bad when I write it out like that, but in any case I’m kind of trying not to let myself be overwhelmed by the many things that need to be done and the difficulty of figuring out exactly how to manage my schedule to accomplish this. Oh, and among the doctor’s appointments in the next few weeks I have one with the eye doctor coming up, which is always terrible in some way. I really need a new pair of glasses, though, because the ones I got last year have been adjusted no less than four times and they still pinch my nose to the point that my skin has been rubbed raw.

So, well, this was kind of a non-update. . . .

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