Busy, Busy

Generally when I am this swamped with things to do I’m usually stressing out beyond belief. I’m happy to say I’m about as far from that as possible. I mean, there’s stress, but it’s not making-my-hair-fall-out-giving-me-migraines kind of stress . . .  it’s just an expected kind of stress and I know almost none of you know what I’m talking about and for that again I apologize.

However, that said I have given some serious thought to my (non-)resolutions and given my incredible load right now it’s just unrealistic to expect all those things to happen. Yes, those are all still priorities; yes, I want them to be habits; and, yes, I realize this seems like quitting. But it’s not. Fact is all three of those are doable, but all three at one time plus everything else going on is likely to kill me. And truth be told trying to cram it all in is making most of those things particularly unfun, which is exactly the opposite result I want.

So, I’m revising my plan. I’m going to try and get yoga in as much as I can throughout the rest of this month, but I’ll start my daily routine push on February 1st, which is coincidentally when my instructor has set a challenge for 31 classes in 31 days. And I’m going to lay off the daily photograph and try for a weekly photo each week. I’m horribly displeased with most of the “just shooting these because I have to” images I’ve gotten. I just don’t have the time to really think of doing anything more than randomly snapping something and that’s not really helping me improve my photographic skills; it’s just frustrating and kind of a letdown. Writing, however, I will continue to work on daily, but I’m going to reevaluate this position when I start back on the daily yoga because keeping the pain in check is really the priority for me when all is said and done.

Oh, also, getting this house organized and cleaned. It’s disgusting up in here. Plus, I really want to get some cupcakes baked and decorated; I owe way too many people some at this point.

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