Blindness Links

Things here are crazy. That’s really all I can say on it at the moment mostly because I just don’t have the time. But I thought I’d share these interesting links because they all are somewhat related to achromatopsia and are very promising retinal studies:

Blind Mice See After Cell Transplant — Really fascinating study on mice who apparently gained light perception, and possibly more vision through replacement cells injected in their eyes. There’s hope that this might benefit those with retinal damage or deformities, but the study itself is basically in its infancy.

Treatment for Retinal Degenerative Diseases — Listing of a bunch of clinical trials on various retinal disorders and degenerative diseases.

Applied Genetics Technologies Corp. Pre-Clinical — This particular study isn’t quite off the ground, but intends to utilize gene therapy.

Definitely curious to see where things go with each of these.

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