Mickey & Friends

The good news is that I found absolutely no mouse droppings this morning nor any signs of things being chewed on. The bad news is that I found absolutely no mice caught in any traps. Well, I suppose the bad news is debatable because half of me was downright terrified to find a dead mouse. Or a live one for that matter.

I’m guessing that it’s likely I merely repelled them by my physical presence in the kitchen baking cupcakes until the wee hours this morning since it doesn’t appear that any of the traps were touched let along sprung, but I did hear sounds of chewing coming from the vicinity of under the sink. After I screamed like a little girl and had the obligatory freak out, which seemed to clue the mice in to stop gnawing on my house and promptly stopped the sounds, I summed the courage to take a look in the cabinet and found neither a mouse nor any signs of a hole being created. So, the little rat bastards are either chewing behind it or below it, but I can’t quite determine where since I can’t exactly move my kitchen sink. No, I don’t have a trap in there because I only put the traps where I found droppings yesterday morning and the cabinets were free of such filth.

What I did notice was that my mother has her trash sitting on what we call the back porch, but is less a porch and more the enclosed, uninsulated back of the house that leads to the basement and the back entrance to her part of the house. Her theory is that I’m a filthy slob who leaves food out and doesn’t clean her stove well enough and that’s what attracted the mice; I’m thinking it’s her stinky garbage sitting two feet from my back door. Either way I’d be ever so happy if I’ve managed to scare them off to parts unknown. As it is I hold them responsible for a dozen cupcakes being ruined. I set the timer but forgot to hit start and much as I hoped they were just very browned, the bottoms were completely burnt. Sadly, I don’t have enough ingredients to whip up another batch, so let’s hope decorating today goes perfectly or I won’t be bringing any noms to my grandparents’ tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m headed to my father’s sometime today so the little pests will have free reign to get their necks snapped by their desire for some peanut butter.

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