Holiday Greetings

Me and Uschi with Santa Claus

It’s officially the holiday season, though, I’ve not quite managed to wrap my head around that. I guess it’s the lack of snow and the utterly dreary weather we’ve been having. Not that I want snow either, but at least if it was covering the ground it would seem less depressing.

Uschi had her very first visit to the groomer’s today and it was possibly the most disorienting day for me imaginable. I do not like being without a guide dog. I do not like being in malls. And both of those things together was just about the worst thing ever. But now that the dog is all prettied up — and supposedly as deshedded as can be — I have no real excuse to not get the house decorated. So, that’s my goal for this evening.

I sent out the first batch of holiday cards today. I’m not finished writing all of them yet and I am fairly certain I will have extras, so you are still welcome to put in your request if you haven’t yet.

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