#Firefly10th – “Objects in Space” & “Serenity”

#Firefly10th - "Objects in Space"#Firefly10th‘s rewatch is winding down with today, though, I anticipate some plan will be unveiled regarding the three unaired episodes. Ten years ago today the last episode of Firefly aired . . . or rather the first episode aired because FOX is baffling sometimes. A week before the show had been officially canceled, which also was the day that “Objects in Space” — the episode intended as a season finale — aired.

I’ll reserve a more in-depth rambling on about all that for a post of its own because I am just far too preoccupied by the other one million and twelve things going on. The most pressing of which I can’t really go into here as of yet, but for serious guys you don’t even know how much I want to. I’m halfway convinced I may explode from either nervousness or sheer excitement because it is seriously that awesome.1

#Firefly10th - "Serenity"Instead I have been obsessively working at distracting myself. This has been good in that I finished holiday shopping and even wrapped everything needing to be wrapped and with the exception of one gift I have yet to mail and one gift on backorder I am done with all holiday preparations that do not involve baking. And, yes, there will be baking. I would say it was stress baking because I totally do that, but I guess it’s more neurotic, excess energy baking and, um, the fact that it is the holiday season and all. I need to find some pink jelly beans, though.

I’ve also been devoting a lot of time to learning my new, and only completely intimidating, camera. I’m not seeing any specific improvement in my good vs. “throw this blurry thing out” photographs, but the good ones are actually something I am deeply proud of and I just about never say that. I’m trying to decide on my best photo to submit to BorrowLenses.com’s contest thingy. I’m finding myself a bit torn, which I never thought I would ever say about my photography.

Flickr recently updated their long overdue app and I may have thrown a bit of a shitfit that it was totally inaccessible thanks to the captcha attached to the login screen. I’ve been dabbling with Instagram for awhile now and I thought that was probably the thing that would push me straight over to them . . . and then they went all banoonoos with their policies. Right after Flickr sent me an email that didn’t address any of the accessibility issues I was whinging on about, but I saw that there was another quick update to the app and lo did it not require me to solve an impossible captcha. So, even though Instagram seems to have recanted their policy change, I’ll be sticking with Flickr for the time being. I think what I really will do in the longrun, though, is watermark my images and just upload them to my own webspace. I already do that for work, but I haven’t before thought it necessary with my own photos. The original images aren’t accessible to anyone but me and I figured that was enough. Perhaps not.

Work is absolutely crazypants. First, of course, it’s the holiday season so things are insane simply because of that. But mostly we’ve been on a redesign kick. It started with me reworking the website and from there we came up with a new logo and that required redoing all of our promotional materials. And then due to some recent events we’ve been revising all of our contracts, which is possibly the most complicated thing in the history of ever. Not to mention boring and time consuming. We’re almost done with all that, though, and then we can have fun working on new promo designs. One we have planned coming up is going to be super fun, I think, and hopefully will be as successful as I anticipate.

Anyway, enough of my random babblings. Need to find something productive to distract myself with.

  1. ASDFGHJKL!!!!!!!!!!

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