Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

A snow globe holiday ornament hanging on the tree; inside is a snowman

While I confess that I sometimes find it quite a chore, one of my favorite traditions of the holiday season is decorating the tree. I always feel more in the spirit when the tree is up. It’s like the holidays become official to me somehow by this one tradition. Personally, I’ve always found that moment when everything is on the tree and you first turn the lights on to be a bit magical. It is truly my favorite part of the entire process and as a child I could often be found in the living room just sitting, mesmerized by our lit tree. My dad’s trees are always quite spectacularly filled with lights and they almost seem to glow from within when he’s through. I find it utterly beautiful and one of these days I’ll become adept enough with my camera and I’ll manage to capture a decent shot of it!

I finally put up and decorated my own tree last night/early this morning after, well, a lot of work. The snow globe ornament in the photo above is part of a set that my father gave me the Christmas before I moved into my very first apartment and they have prominently hung on my tree ever since. I’m kind of proud that I haven’t broken one yet since they are, obviously, quite delicate and rather heavy. Honestly, I don’t have the best track record with breakable ornaments. It’s a minor miracle if I only break one in a given year and last year, in fact, I broke on of my favorites while taking down decorations, which is generally when things seem to get broken. It’s probably why I procrastinate on that task as long as possible.

EDIT: I think I jinxed myself because one of these just fell off the tree and broke. ;_;


  1. Love the snowman crystal ball Christmas decor. It captures the joy we all feel during this season. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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