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Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays!

I suspect a butterfly farted in a forest somewhere and changed the course of the entire planet’s fate because believe it or not, I never had holiday portraits done this year. Well, okay, I had this sort of impromptu session that lasted about the length of time it took me to untie my sneakers, but I don’t really count that. Mind you I had every intention of having photos taken. Between Uschi growing unidentifiable things on her feet and my entire body falling apart and tropical storms turned hurricanes turned nor’easters turned super-storms it just never happened.

So maybe it’s because of this that I just can’t work up any enthusiasm to send out holiday cards this year. My melancholy may also be partially caused by the simple fact that last year I sent out something like 120 cards and I got just over a dozen in return.

Of course, I don’t send cards just to get them, so here be your yearly signup for those wanting some adorable shepherd to arrive in their mailboxes. I intend to get these out by December 1st so as to ensure my international friends get theirs before Christmas. EDIT: Since I forgot to bring the cards with me while I was away, this deadline seems highly unlikely so I’m going to shoot for December 15th to get these out.

If you’ve never gotten a card from me or have a need to send me your mailing address (e.g., you moved since last year), please use this handy contact form to email me. Otherwise, you can comment here or reach me via any of my other usual Internet haunts listed to the right in my sidebar to express your desire for some holiday cheer courtesy of the postal service.

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