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Uschi is Thankful for Yara

Last night we returned from a week at Dad and Keith’s. This is how we left Yara:1

Yara asleep on the living room floor

Uschi had the time of her life with Yara. She played and played and played! In fact, she played so much she literally wore Yara out to the point that Uschi got a chance at being Dominant Female for a bit. And I sincerely wish I could have managed a video of this because it was possibly the most hilarious thing ever. The first time Uschi had an over-sized squeaky tennis ball in her mouth the entire time, so rather than bite Yara or grip her neck, Uschi basically just bounced around and headbutted her. Another attempt was slightly less hilarious and nearly started an actual fight when Uschi bit Yara on a paw a bit too hard and wouldn’t back down. But aside from Yara possibly needing a vacation of her own to recuperate from our visit, the girls did enjoy themselves and got along very well. They even were pretty good about eating, though, there were a few meals where some creative trickery was required to get one or both of the girls to finish her food. For the most part they were basically inseparable, including being a very attentive audience to my daily yoga.

Highlights of the week not specific to the dogs: Thanksgiving Day itself was nice. Ate too much as is customary. Saw my one cousin’s baby son for the first time. Friday I treated Keith for his birthday and we had dinner at Brooks’ BBQ and went to see Skyfall. I haven’t had Brooks’ since before I moved from Oneonta and the movie was pretty good. Saturday we canned cabbage from the garden. I’m not particularly fond of cabbage and I was even less fond of how the house smelled after this project, but what can you do? On Sunday we had our own Thanksgiving meal that was mostly gluten-free2 and had a lot of yummy veggies from the garden.3 Not surprisingly, we stuffed ourselves yet again. Dad and I made a flour-less chocolate cake, too, and got to test out this very awesome trick to separate eggs.4 Then Monday Dad and I started the supreme project of painting my old bedroom (a.k.a.: his office). We were still working on it Wednesday before I left and it’s not quite finished, but we got a lot accomplished in the three days and it already looks a lot nicer.

Anyway, I completely forgot to bring the stack of holiday cards with me so I’ll be working on them as time and my ability to use a pen allow. In other words, I will likely miss that deadline of December 1st. But if you haven’t yet expressed your desire for a card, there’s still time to let me know!

  1. The new media uploader here on is very fancy, but incredibly disorienting.
  2. My dad has an intolerance and is attempting to give up eating gluten.
  3. Including the detested cabbage from the day before
  4. I made something of a stink about the recipe requiring separating eggs and Dad mentioned seeing the video on Facebook. We tried it out and were truly amazed at how perfectly it works. We both remarked we’d never separated eggs so completely (and easily!) before.

#Firefly10th – “Ariel”

#Firefly10th - "Ariel"I’m a bit late with this #Firefly10th because of frenzied Thanksgiving preparations and not at all because I’ve been fighting a cold for what seems like a year now and didn’t realize it was Thursday until 11:35 p.m. that day. But as there’s no episode for a few weeks now so I figure it’s okay, right?

Inara: What’s going on here?
Kaylee: Oh, well, let’s see. We killed Simon and River, stole a bunch of medicine, and now the Captain ‘n’ Zoe are off springing the others got snatched by the Feds!

Anyway, the latest rewatch was for “Ariel” which Alan Tudyk is quoted as describing as: “The closest thing to an A-Team episode we have ever done, which in my opinion is a great thing.” By this point it was well known that the show was in trouble and I remember watching this and feeling both elated at what a great episode it was and terribly sad that it wasn’t likely to last. Personally, I love the bits in this episode where you can clearly see that the cast aren’t just playing at being friends but really did become friends. It’s a rare thing indeed.

On a related note, official blogger Kelly Wheeler is auctioning off her crew jacket. I expect it will go for a shiny penny, especially since just in the span of time since I first clicked over to that auction the current bid has doubled. There’s also still a few hours left on the charity auction for the table and lamps from the anniversary special last week, but it’s really pricey.

Holiday Cards

Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays!

I suspect a butterfly farted in a forest somewhere and changed the course of the entire planet’s fate because believe it or not, I never had holiday portraits done this year. Well, okay, I had this sort of impromptu session that lasted about the length of time it took me to untie my sneakers, but I don’t really count that. Mind you I had every intention of having photos taken. Between Uschi growing unidentifiable things on her feet and my entire body falling apart and tropical storms turned hurricanes turned nor’easters turned super-storms it just never happened.

So maybe it’s because of this that I just can’t work up any enthusiasm to send out holiday cards this year. My melancholy may also be partially caused by the simple fact that last year I sent out something like 120 cards and I got just over a dozen in return.

Of course, I don’t send cards just to get them, so here be your yearly signup for those wanting some adorable shepherd to arrive in their mailboxes. I intend to get these out by December 1st so as to ensure my international friends get theirs before Christmas. EDIT: Since I forgot to bring the cards with me while I was away, this deadline seems highly unlikely so I’m going to shoot for December 15th to get these out.

If you’ve never gotten a card from me or have a need to send me your mailing address (e.g., you moved since last year), please use this handy contact form to email me. Otherwise, you can comment here or reach me via any of my other usual Internet haunts listed to the right in my sidebar to express your desire for some holiday cheer courtesy of the postal service.

ADBC #9 is Up!

Martha has compiled the submissions and posted the ninth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival! The theme for this edition of the ADBC was “Moments.” I wrote about the quieter, less obvious working periods with my guide dogs, though, I admit I feel my post is a bit lacking from being rushed. But there are many excellent posts for this round and I sincerely recommend taking the time to check them out. At the very least, it would be a great help if you took the time to share the link with others.

If you’re interested in more information on the ADBC, please visit the founder’s page here on After Gadget.

Wake Up

I mentioned yesterday that my to-do list was ridiculously long. Not surprisingly I didn’t accomplish all the things I supposedly had to.

So, I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. and I figure even if I still don’t get everything done, I did manage to get in my hour of yoga!

My other top priorities today include baking and decorating cupcakes for Thanksgiving #1’s dessert tonight and watching the Firefly marathon and anniversary special on Science Channel. Less important items on the infinite to-do list include cleaning up the house, grooming the dog, buying toilet paper, and finding the dining room table underneath the mountain of random crap currently on top of it.

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that LiveJournal suspended the syndicated feed for this blog. I contacted them and they got it working again. Apologies to the handful of readers there for the backlog of posts that spewed onto your friends page.