Not Really Answering the Questions

Doctor’s office called Friday afternoon with my test results from my blood work and ultrasound, but I missed the call and didn’t notice until well after the office had called. The ultrasound “showed nodes on both sides of my neck” and the office is making an appointment with an endocrinologist. I will say that my throat has been feeling really funky since the ultrasound, but I’m fairly sure I’ve got a cold or something so it could just be related to that. My blood work came back normal save for a Vitamin D deficiency, which I presume is probably from being stuck in an office all day even though I do drink milk. Anyway, I’m now on a three-month supplement for that.

For some reason the actual pain stuff wasn’t covered and I inquired about exactly what was going on with that. My understanding was that the appointment for the ultrasound was also supposed to incorporate checking out my shoulder. I also noted that the negative Lyme test doesn’t really mean much to me given they often return negative and I want to pursue that more aggressively, e.g., start taking antibiotics. So, basically, I’m still waiting on answers and I’m mildly annoyed that there isn’t more of a sense of urgency from the office about all of this.

In other news, Uschi had her yearly and she’s healthy as can be aside from some funky growth on her back foot that I thought was nothing, but is apparently something to be alarmed at. Also it seems they neglected to charge me for some of the tests that were run so I have an outstanding balance to be paid. Given how much I paid for the visit in the first place it doesn’t really faze me but it’s still an annoyance.

And on a mostly unrelated topic, today is Blind Americans Equality Day. (Formerly, and still more commonly known as White Cane Safety Day.)

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