Something is Amiss

Uschi lying on her bed, looking quite attentive

This morning I cleaned all of Uschi’s bedding and then did a bit of canine furniture rearranging throughout the house. Specifically I switched out the large round bed from my office with the smaller rectangular one that Uschi hardly ever uses from the living room. This did not go unnoticed by the little shepherd who planted her 75-pound self squarely on top of the blankets that I was trying to fold and obstinately refused to move. I managed to wrestle the one blanket from under her ass and once again draped it around the rectangular bed and she’s been glued to that spot since then.

All of this hullabaloo is in preparation for a visit from Shadow, Cindy‘s golden retriever, who is staying with us for the next few days while she’s away. I’m expecting this will be a non-event since (a.) both dogs know one another quite well already and (b.) due to age and some unfortunate health issues Shadow is about as far from spry as you can get and still be legally alive. It will be interesting to see how Uschi does being walked along with him since Shadow’s pretty slow, but she’s never given me a problem when I’ve walked her with Yara.

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