There’s this training challenge that I keep seeing pop up around the intarwebs that involves people putting their dogs in down-stays and then writing out their names in kibble. It’s a great test for a dog that’s food oriented, but it would just be a waste of perfectly good dog food for me since my shepherds seem to think if it touches the floor by my hand it is forever off limits. So instead, I give you this:

Uschi lying on the kitchen floor in a down-stay with a "pupcake" at her front paws

Uschi was very interested in the pupcake, but she didn’t move from her down-stay until I let her “take a break.” Actually getting her to look at me was something of a challenge since I was behind the cupcake and she was quite determined to not pay attention to it since it was on the floor. Rest assured once she was released she happily spent the next ten minutes savoring every last morsel!


  1. What a beautiful dog. It’s a great photo. :)

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