AVMA Passes Raw Food Policy

As I feared, AVMA passed its policy advising against feeding raw.

I know that AVMA has a lot of policies that I’m not in agreement with and they certainly aren’t forbidding anyone from feeding raw, but I still am very wary of what impact this policy will have in the future. What bothers me the most is this paragraph that was taken out:

The AVMA recognizes that some people prefer to feed raw or undercooked animal-source protein to their pets. The AVMA recommends that veterinarians inform pet owners of potential risks and educate them on how to best mitigate the risk of pathogen exposure in both handling the food and in managing pets consuming undercooked or raw animal-source protein diets.

It’s wishy-washy at best so with or without the paragraph I’m not copacetic with the policy, but if I’m understanding it correctly without these few sentences it seems AVMA is more firmly on the side of not feeding raw. This takes away the acknowledgement that people can choose to feed raw even though AVMA discourages it. Mostly I am confused by the veterinarian bit because either way it seems ambiguous.

Frankly, it bothers me that so much stock is put into what a vet’s opinion is anyway. Nothing against any specific vets, but being a veterinarian does not make one an expert of pet nutrition. Of course, I’m not saying there aren’t vets knowledgeable on the subject. However, in my personal experience vets tend to push the food that just so happens to sponsor them rather like many doctors tend to suggest prescriptions they got as a free sample. In fact, I’ve had vets suggest foods that aren’t just subpar in my opinion, but were in fact unhealthy for my dogs. The whole thing gives me a headache.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that you need to do what works for your specific pet. Not every diet will work for every pet any more than every diet works for every human. My best advice is to do your own research and learn about what the healthy foods are and which are the foods you want to avoid.


  1. I’m with you there, and don’t see what is to be gained by feeding a raw diet. Don’t know what the science says, but my first instinct is to worry about bacterial infections.

    • There is absolutely no more risk to handling raw dog food than there is to handling any other raw meat. And there are a LOT of benefits to feeding raw. Aside from the simple fact that most pet food is garbage, raw food is actually a more natural method of eating for a dog.

      Both of my shepherds were raised on a raw diet. Frankly, if it weren’t so expensive they both would still be on raw. Yara’s health issues due to EPI made stabilizing her diet very difficult and so it’s just impractical to switch her. Uschi is on a combination of raw and kibble because just eating kibble seemed to not agree with her, but she would eat me out of house-and-home if she was solely on raw. She eats a lot.

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