The 8th ADBC!

I already wrote my post for the eighth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival (ADBC), but I wanted to quickly note that submissions are still being taken until 7:47 p.m. July 29th. Brooke’s posted all the information you need on how to participate here at her new blog. We’re always happy to have new people join us, but most of all we welcome you to help pass the link around to others who might be interested.

Briefly, for those that aren’t familiar with and/or don’t remember, the ADBC is a quarterly blogging event that centers around assistance dogs. However, actually having an assistance dog — or even a blog that focuses on assistance dogs — is not a requirement. Anyone is allowed to participate provided they write a post that is related to assistance dogs in some manner and adheres to the theme of that particular ADBC.

Speak your piece!


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