Yesterday was Friday the 13th and I don’t know about you but I had myself one strange day!

The culmination of which was when I crawled through this here window:

Basement window divided by two metal panes with a dryer hose sticking through the middle

My friend locked herself out of her house and after several minutes of deliberation on how to rectify this issue, she pointed to this window stating: “If we could fit through there we could get in.”

I looked down at the window and promptly replied I could fit through it, which was just as promptly disputed by my friend. And since I’m not above a challenge and our groceries were slowly baking in her car, I nimbly slipped between the panes of this window and went through her house to open the front door.

The morale of this story? If you’re going to lock yourself out, make sure you have petite friends. Also, I am currently basking in the glory of having absolutely zero insecurity about my weight.

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