Attention: Raw Feeders!

EDIT #5: The policy was passed.

Multiple posts in a single day is a rare thing around here, but I wanted to share this post, which details information regarding an upcoming vote by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine to create a new policy that will “discourage the feeding to cats and dogs of any animal source protein that has not first been subjected to a process to eliminate pathogens because of the risk of illness to cats and dogs as well as humans.”

The article author urges all concerned parties to act on this and contact the AVMA. Her sample letter contains a lot of pertinent information about feeding raw and I urge everyone to please read it and then shoot off an email or letter to AVMA via the contact information she has provided.

Also, there’s a petition that you can sign.

Please share this with others! This potential policy could have extreme impact and it will only be through educating others and bringing awareness about raw pet food that we’ll get anywhere with this.

EDIT: AVMA’s post regarding the policy, including the official “exact document that will be considered.” My thoughts on this are that so far as I’m privy to information there were no outright claims that AVMA was working with pet food companies and/or setting any law precedents. The concern is that this decision itself will be the beginning of such things and that will certainly greatly impact raw feeders. Also, their “scientific studies” only show one element of fact and don’t quantify the risks other types of food present or the fact that raw pet food is no more or less a risk than handling raw human food.

EDIT #2: Dr. Amy Nesselrodt  has posted a letter to AVMA on Facebook. Also, I’ve now made this post a sticky and I’ll continue to update as I come across information.

EDIT #3: Susan Thixton has another post on Truth About Pet Food going into some further detail of the history of the raw food backlash and her theory on where AVMA’s proposed policy could lead.

EDIT #4: Dr. Karen Becker has posted a very thorough summary of the proposed policy.


  1. Ugh, I hate seeing the ongoing fear mongering around raw feeding. My service dog never did well on commercial dog food, and he’s doing great on raw. Luckily my vets so far have either been very supportive, or very apathetic towards raw feeding, but I’ve heard of plenty of people having trouble on that front.

    • I read that wrong at first and I thought you were accusing me of fear mongering and I seriously almost lost my shit because that’s essentially what happened on an SD board when I passed this information along.

      Anyway, Uschi even more than Yara — with her myriad health issues — has done exceptionally well since being put back on raw. (Fidelco raises their puppies on raw.) Her stool prior to going back to raw was not exactly unhealthy, but always inconsistent and just a bit soft even on the best days. No problems whatsoever since the switch and she’s much more eager to eat her meals than she was on kibble or even a kibble-canned mix.

      Vets I’ve learned are generally not versed in nutrition. And my last vet and my current vet actually support my feeding raw, but have needed me to explain the kibble choices I’ve made, etc. They just didn’t know enough about dog foods. And the last one even suggested right after her diagnosis that Yara go on a food that I later discovered would have been less beneficial than her current food at the time, which still had to be changed. It’s a lot like how GPs sometimes suggest meds; they get a free sample or something and then start pushing it.

      • Sorry about that, guess I could have worded my comment a bit better! I’m already very annoyed that TDI doesn’t allow raw fed dogs to be therapy dogs, and this move by the AVMA just furthers the rampant ignorance about proper dog diets.

  2. This is awful! They are making an attack on people who want to feed the best to their pets but doing nothing against the poor quality ingredients used in the food they push in the vets’ office. Aren’t they supposed to “do no harm?” It’s clear the money vets make off selling the smutt in their offices is much more important than the health of animals. What kind of “Veterinary” association is this? I should be called the AVCFA “American Veterinary Commerical Food Association”

    • Despite rumors to the fact, I have no evidence to prove this is being backed by a commercial food company. And AVMA states no such allegiance or influence in their blog post.

      I am worried, though, that this policy will give such food companies a leg up to lobby for laws that will make it difficult if not impossible for people to continue to feed raw. I don’t know what I’ll do if that comes to pass.

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