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Brooke has posted the latest edition of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. This time around the theme was “Marchin’ to Your Own Drum” and there are nearly a dozen-and-a-half truly wonderful posts for you to check out, including my breakup letter with the public.

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A Dog and Her “Ball”

Uschi lying on the floor with head resting on right foreleg and her red ball toy next to her

One of Uschi’s new (and subsequently favorite) toys is this red thing that vaguely resembles a ball. It is presumably going to be the cause of my eventual deafness.

If that’s not enough adorable for your Saturday morning, I also took a video of her with Mr. Hedgehog who may be broken but no less loved:

Enter the Hedgehog

Uschi with her paw over Mr. Hedgehog and Mr. Octopus a few inches in front of her

Uschi isn’t really the type to wallow in grief, but even so I thought she could use some new friends to help her get past her recent loss. Let me be the first to introduce you Mr. Hedgehog and Mr. Octopus. They say that dogs tend to look like their owners, but no one ever mentions how they look like their toys. Oh, also there’s a red thing that vaguely resembles a ball.

Here, have a video:

I apologize for the state of my house with regard to the dog hair. Believe it or not I did vacuum this morning, but someone is still blowing her coat like it’s an Olympic event.

EDIT: By dint of Uschi, Mr. Hedgehog is now mute. It took her roughly an hour and a half, though, her time has been evenly divided amongst many other toys and a quick nap.

Help(less) Emma

After watching this, I am literally sick to my stomach. It’s an utterly deplorable advertisement. It disgusts me that blindness is so often thought of as synonymous with helpless and I said as much on Twitter. (Disabilities in general, for that matter.) But having the Royal National Institute of Blind People perpetuate this myth in their efforts to fundraise?!

Wow just doesn’t seem a strong enough word.

EDIT: There isn’t a whole lot of chatter on Twitter from RNIB about this, but this thread would still be noteworthy regardless.

First, “based on a true story” is not the same thing as “a true story” or “the facts are these.” No matter how close that story is to the truth there is obviously an element of sensationalism added or it wouldn’t be based on anything, it would just be the story. Second, and more important, is the simple fact that presenting blind people as helpless is not only ENTIRELY inaccurate but a disservice to all blind and visually impaired people. This sympathetic view only garners pity, which isn’t helpful to anyone. Defending such an outlook is not the stance RNIB should have; they should be completely ashamed of this advertisement.

R.I.P. Mr. Horsey

Uschi lying on the livingroom floor with Mr. Horsey (her plush horse toy) in between her front pawsYesterday morning at approximately 9:30 a.m. Mr. Horsey, the beloved fleece squeaky toy of one Uschi the German shepherd guide dog, was discovered in the livingroom of this blog’s author. He was pronounced dead after a cursory glance at the state of his stuffing, which was strewn about in many heaps throughout much of the house. Mr. Horsey was laid to rest in the wastebasket of my home office. He was later relocated to the outside trash bin after an attempted grave-robbing.

Mr. Horsey leaves behind his best friend, Uschi, and her partner. Uschi is currently under suspicion for the murder of Mr. Horsey and at least five other stuffed dog toys. The German shepherd had no comment, but an authority in this case states that she is undoubtedly stricken by the loss of her plush toy. It was also reported that soon after Mr. Horsey was initially laid to rest, Uschi was found with parts of the deceased in her mouth. It is also possible that she consumed a few bits of his stuffing, though, the only witness to this has less than reliable vision.

Due to the state of Mr. Horsey’s remains, there will be no funeral service. Instead, mourners are welcome to make donations in his name to Uschi in the form of new stuffed toys, though, her handler does warn that their life expectancy is quite short. “Mr. Horsey,” she states, “was one of the longer lived of his kind, but his unfortunate demise was inevitable.”