Close up of Uschi's skinned feet

One thing about Uschi that is both pathetic and hilarious is that she is absolutely a menace to herself. She consistently overdoes it when she plays and has wore herself out to the extreme on a couple of occasions. Yesterday at the park was no exception as you might be able to see in the above photo: she skinned pads on both her front feet.

We’ve got tons to do today including another trip to Crossings for work and a midnight showing of The Hunger Games, so unfortunately she isn’t going to be lounging around recovering. Instead she’s clomping around the house in her boots, which she’ll be wearing to protect her sore feet until she’s healed up a bit.


  1. Hah! (Also, awww….) My 10-year-old retiree Nora will chase a ball until she gets a leg cramp, pulls her foot off the ground, whines, and sometimes falls over. We really freaked out the first few times it happened and spent some good $$ so she could be seen by an ortho, who diagnosed her with occasional charlie horses. If we give her a minute or two, she’s chasing the ball again as fast as she was before. She’s made a career out of garnering sympathy, I’m guessing.

    • This is the first time she’s actually injured herself. (Even so, while it feels wrong, it’s still humorous.) The first time I took her swimming she overdid it to the point that the next day she literally couldn’t walk. And I don’t mean she was stiff and walking funny, I mean she was so wore out that she practically belly-crawled outside to do her business. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life.

      Unfortunately, as you may have seen on Facebook, the skinned pads weren’t the only injury she sustained. She also skinned the inside of both back feet and seems to have gotten a bee sting or something (probably the cause of the skinning) on her right front paw near the dew claw. Of course, these weren’t noticed until after the bee sting became infected so it’s become something of a fiasco.

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