• Spent last night and today with Alice and Josh. We had Boston Market for dinner and then had a mini-marathon of some holiday movies. Also there was quite a lot of wine and my first viewing of both A Muppet Christmas Carol and Stranger Than Fiction. Today was spent in downtown Saratoga where much shopping took place and it was very cold.
  • Uschi had breakfast in bed. Seriously. She also spent practically every waking moment not actively guiding me in pursuit of the resident kitties and very exuberantly showering Alice and Josh with her love. This included ambushing them with kisses anytime they were in a prone position. It’s worth pointing out that she’s enough manners to know not to jump all over me when, for instance, I bend down to tie my shoes . . . It would appear that anyone else, however, is fair game.
  • Apparently, there’s this deal with the Circus Cafe that if you ride the Polar Express and come to the cafe in your jammies you can get free cotton candy. It was a might confusing to witness during dinner.
  • I think Uschi wants to move into Sloppy Kisses. Also, it’s highly possible that I went overboard with treat purchasing while there.
  • PaperDolls is a very fun store. And that’s not just because Alice got me some fun London rubber stamps there. But that doesn’t hurt either.
  • Uschi’s dog distraction continues to be a curiosity for me. She ignored about half the dogs we passed today, was very aware of most of them, gave two a low growl and barked at another. The last one is the oddest since that particular dog was nowhere near us and headed in the opposite direction.

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