Monday Bullets

  • Still have a migraine. I can’t begin to express how unhappy I am about this. I do feel better than I did over the weekend, but every day that I wake up with a headache just irritates me. I’d like to not be sick over Thanksgiving, especially since I’ll be at Dad’s following and thus incapable of getting to my doctor if I need meds.
  • I have a dentist appointment coming up. It happens to be the same day as my neurologist appointment, so that should be a day devoid of fun.
  • Had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and Paul last night. I think I’m still full. And even though I protested mightily about taking leftovers since I won’t really be home, my fridge is now stocked to overflowing with turkey and mashed potatoes and the like.
  • I discovered yesterday while making deviled eggs that Uschi loves eggs. I broke one while removing the shell and decided to let her have that as a quick treat. She spent a good twenty minutes savoring every last bite and then sat right beside me waiting expectantly for another. Guess I know what to add to her meals if she decides to go all Yara on me. This information could prove vital during my house/dog-sitting duties next week.
  • I have a literal pile of books at the library waiting to be picked up. I figure between that stack and my Kindle I’m good to go for next week. Yes, Dad has cable and Internet, but I don’t really watch TV much and my laptop is currently in Ohio in several pieces. Not sure what I’ll do if my head is still being an ass.
  • I had a dream last night about my childhood best friend. It was really odd and not just because she passed away five years ago, but because her mother was in the dream too and was weirdly very unpleasant.
  • I am almost done with my holiday cards. I took a break from writing them out because of this damn migraine, but I have about a dozen left. I am rather impressed with my lack of procrastination in this department.
  • That said, I haven’t yet begun to think about holiday shopping. I only just finished dealing with the handful of birthdays that are at this time of year. Aside from my family and some friends that I exchange gifts with, I have three Secret Santas to get.
  • I was strongly toying with the idea of setting up my holiday decorations today/tomorrow. Since I won’t be home next week, I was thinking it would be kind of nice to come home and have the house all decked out. This requires a ridiculous amount of energy that I don’t have right now, though. But maybe I’ll get to it. I have a timer for the lights, so they would actually go on even though I’m not home, which is probably a good thing while I’m away.

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