Kindle Lending Library

I was searching around Amazon for some gift ideas and happened across this tidbit of information. Amazon’s Prime membership now includes the ability to borrow some Kindle books. I find this absolutely phenomenal for several reasons:

  1. I’ve purchased several Kindle books simply because there was no accessible available at the library. For the most part the Kindle version is a fairly cheap alternative, but more often than not these would be books that I wouldn’t normally have forked over my hard-earned cash for. And unlike a physical copy of a book, I can’t give it away, donate it, or otherwise relieve myself of ownership.
  2. I can no longer read regular print books. At least not comfortably and without the risk of giving myself a migraine. But for better or worse I’m still a book collector. Favorite books of mine in rare editions and autographed books have a permanent place on my shelves and I expect they always will. However, that means I’ve had to purchase two copies of some recent additions to my collection. For the most part, I don’t really mind but there have been a few extraneous purchases that I later regretted. And one physical purchase that happened accidentally and left me with two copies of a book I didn’t particularly enjoy.
  3. Libraries are starting to do this already, including my local library. Though, I believe they using the Nook.
  4. Reading for free does lead towards more book buying. At least it does for me. But mostly, it’s reading for free and free is always better than not free!

More than a year after my initial purchase, I must say I am very satisfied with my Kindle. It’s quite literally the best $150 I’ve ever spent on myself. And was worth dealing with the few bumps in the road with defective and damaged devices at first. But I’m also pleased to see the continued expansion of the Prime membership. I more than utilize the $79 in shipping alone throughout the year, but the addition of more and more free streaming and now this new lending library are really turning this into a well-rounded service.

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