Thursday Things

Thing One: Either there is a strange lack of interest or everyone is trying to stress me out by waiting until the absolute last second, but in case I haven’t been clear the deadline to submit your post for the fifth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is THREE DAYS AWAY!!! All the details are at the aforelinked post and, of course, you can always email me if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Including, but not limited to letting me know that you may miss the deadline.

Thing Two: Uschi had her follow-up vet visit for her Lyme booster. She was equally as nonplussed by the experience as her initial poke-and-prod checkup. Her behavior around the other dogs and cats was also such that I am inclined to believe the park trip was more a fluke than her regressing into crazed distracted guide dog. She was definitely aware of the other animals and was shockingly whiny, but was able to refocus back onto me easily and she didn’t lunge at anyone! In fact, the only time she showed any lack of restraint was when I let her off harness in the exam room and she determinedly sniffed every square centimeter of space.

Thing Three: I am 95% sure that I will have completed my cupcake catchup by the end of this weekend, including a treat for Uschi’s birthday which I will likely talk about another time. That means anyone currently waiting for a package from me should expect them to be mailed out first thing Monday morning. That also means I have ample time to get Halloween cupcakes made. I’m excited about this even if you aren’t.

Thing Four: I’m making lasagna tonight. I cooked some sausage, made meatballs and started a sauce last night and it was all yummy enough for a makeshift dinner all its own so I anticipate the addition of copious cheese and noodles will only increase this fact. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Thing Five: Related to all this cooking and baking is the fact that my heat is broken. There appears to be a clog in the pipe that pumps water through the furnace and so not enough steam is being produced to actually heat the entire house. Thankfully, we have two other sources of heat through some parts of the house, but it’s not wholly efficient for my taste. My mother, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind the house hovering around 60. Anyway, the plumber can’t get out here until Tuesday, so I’ve found it’s been a good incentive to keep the oven going. Incidentally, I got a rather surprising bill today from National Grid and have been dealing with that, too.

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