Yesterday was a bit of a bust for the birthday celebration because I felt like crap. I’m still dealing with the migraine, though my teeth and jaw aren’t aching nearly as much. But even though she was all manner of hyper and excited, Uschi didn’t seem to mind that I stayed holed up in the cave of my bedroom for most of the day. In fact, if anything she wanted another pupcake to enjoy!

Profile headshot of Uschi in harness on a brown backgroundSo, fun activities are on hold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate via other outlets. Today, for instance, Uschi is the featured grown-up puppy on! She’s one of the few guide dogs to ever be featured and joins the illustrious ranks with Yara, who was featured last year and the Guiding Eyes puppies and guide dogs.

I love the selection of photos they chose out of the submission I gave; I think they really show both sides of her widely dynamic personality. Doesn’t hurt either that some of them are personal favorites of mine.

On an unrelated note, I’ve extended the deadline for submissions to the fifth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. I had a few people contact me that they wouldn’t make the original deadline and others who voiced some displeasure at the submission they did make. Plus, since yesterday I was finding reading to be nauseous I knew I wasn’t going to get the Carnival up any time soon anyway. So, if you wanted to participate you now have until October 31, 2011.

Speak your piece!


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