Holiday Cards

Seasons Greetings!

Much to my own astonishment, the most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us once again. And with that comes the inevitable sign-up for holiday cards from yours truly. Portraits for the cards are being taken by Cindy this Friday. (No, this isn’t the card I’m sending.)

This may shock you, but being that I haven’t had any substantial cell phone drama this past year I have managed to not lose any addresses from last year’s list! So, unless you moved and didn’t tell me, you can expect a card from me and Uschi. If you haven’t received a card from me before, you want to make sure you’re on the list, and/or you need to give me your address you can email me and I’ll make sure some shepherd cuteness (and possibly some baked goodness) will arrive in your mailbox.

Assuming I don’t perish from writer’s cramp, cards should go out by December 1st, which means if you’re outside of these United States for the first time ever your card will likely arrive by Christmas!


  1. I’d love a picture of you and Uschi. My address is:

    [EDIT: Removed for privacy.]

  2. My address has changed, I’ll drop you an email. :)

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