Happy birthday, Uschi!

Me sitting with Uschi in front of a bed of roses at Schenectady Central Park

Today, Uschi is three-years-old! I’m not entirely sure what our plans are for the day, but we’ve already celebrated with a pupcake. “Celebrate” here means I inadvertently traumatized her by trying to get a photo of her with the cupcake and thus she thought she shouldn’t eat it and when she finally would take it she tried to run off into another room to eat it and when I wouldn’t let her do that (because how would I get a photo?) she got mildly stressed and started to avoid the cupcake. So, um, I won’t be winning a “best dog handler in the world” awards any time soon . . . Anyway, she’s fine and she did eat the cupcake. See:


  1. Happy birthday, Uschi! Jack sends you lots of chocolate birthday kisses. :-)

  2. Never let a day pass that you don’t love that dog–that was my motto and that’s why I was able to deal with the death of my last Shepard. He died at age 8. I made that promise to myself–to love him everyday–when my first Shepard died at age 8. No more dogs for me, but every time I see a Shepard my knees grow weak and I hold back the tears. Love that dog of yours everyday and when its her time you’ll be ready.

  3. Happy Birthday Uschi!

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