Cupcake Song

Supposedly, today I’m going to work at getting some of those long overdue cupcakes baked and decorated. At the rate that I’m accomplishing this task I expect to be done sometime by 2015. Specifically, for context sake, I’ve taken butter out of the fridge to soften. (I think this still counts even though I did that last night.) Anyhow, I’m even less motivated to write a proper post, which is sad because among many things I could blog about I have this whole story about a kid following me around Price Chopper shouting at me about how dogs aren’t allowed in the store. Instead, I present a video that I discovered thanks to my friend Josh.1

Now if someone were wearing a Firefly shirt covered in German shepherd fur and was spouting random references to The Lord of the Rings this would easily be the theme song of my life, no?

  1. I would never have found this on my own since I haven’t watched the new My Little Pony.

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