Catching Up!

The very overdue sunflower cupcakes for Laura‘s guide dog sponsorship auction:

I am so terribly sorry that the auction winners/donors had to wait such an extraordinarily long time for their goodies, but they are all boxed up and sitting out on my front porch (where it’s nice and chilly) waiting for the postman to pick them up later this morning. Hopefully they will be worth the wait and arrive reasonably intact.

There was a casualty within this batch: one of my stoneware cupcake pans was broken. :-( But after tearing most of my house apart, I found my other metal set of pans. I’m kind of bummed about the loss, though as Pampered Chef doesn’t carry the pan anymore and unless I bake only a half-dozen at a time, the pan’s mate is somewhat useless.1

Nonetheless, I am very happy to be almost caught up on cupcakes. I’m fairly certain I’ll be done in time to work on some Halloween cupcakes, though it’s likely that I’ll be a bit burnt out on the baking/decorating thing by then.

Anyway, off to bed!

  1. Stoneware bakes differently than metal pans, so it’s difficult to use in conjunction with my other set of pans.

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