I think I caught a cold. I’ve been feeling like I have a head cold all week, but I have been so sleep deprived and stressed that I wasn’t sure if it was just that. Add in that my cousin has a pretty nasty cold and that I spent a good portion of last night freezing I wasn’t surprised to wake up with the nasal-drip-induced sore throat and runny nose.

Celebrated my friend Greg’s birthday last night. Glad I went out, since all I’ve been doing is wallowing. Other than the freezing part, I had a great time.

Uschi has her annual this morning. Figure the vet can give her a flea bath if she finds any more fleas. I haven’t noticed any more bites on myself, though I did have dreams of things crawling all over my skin. I’m hoping that the ones I saw yesterday just hopped on from being at my grandmother’s. I checked all the usual haunts on her body for infestations and/or eggs and other than a single piece of flea dirt here and there I didn’t find anything alarming. She’s itchy, but that isn’t too surprising given how much I was bit up. At least when they bite her they should die!

Never got a hold of my dad yesterday so no clue what’s up with Yara. I’m assuming she’s better since she’s on Prednisone again. She’s probably peeing like a racehorse and eating like a cow. Just hoping that they caught it soon enough that she doesn’t develop a hot spot because those are just such a pain.

Tonight is Jeff’s memorial service. I have no words.

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