Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

[UPDATE: The fifth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is here!]

It’s time once again for another Assistance Dog Blog Carnival! This quarterly event gathers together submissions from bloggers about all aspects of assistance dogs based around one central theme chosen by that edition’s host.

Assistance Dog Blog CarnivalAnd I am quite thrilled — and rather nervous — to be the host for the fifth Carnival! It’s also my pleasure to announce that this fall’s theme is:


Seems that I fit in with all the previous hosts in having difficulty in choosing a topic. I had several that immediately came to mind, though some of them seemed a bit too close to previous Carnivals. In the end, the decision almost made itself for me when I looked at the calendar and realized the timing fell right inline with a rather momentous date for my current guide dog: her birthday! Of course, that’s only one of many examples of achievements that we can boast about as a team — and that’s not even getting into my two previous guide dogs!

To help spark some ideas within this topic, here are a few questions you might ask yourself:

  • Is there a memorable or momentous event that you and/or your assistance dog have accomplished (e.g., learning a new task/route; traveling together for the first time)?
  • Is there any particularly important date for you and/or your assistance dog (e.g., the day you were partnered; the day your puppy went to training school)?
  • Have you overcome any difficult obstacles in your partnership?
  • Do you have a great milestone that you’ve reached?
  • Have you set and/or accomplished any specific goals with your assistance dog?
  • What daily/weekly/etc. achievements do you have?
  • What would you anticipate for the future that you and/or your assistance dog might achieve?

Further Information
These are merely suggestions, so please feel free to expand on the topic as much as you wish! Anyone with a blog is welcome to submit a post for the Carnival. You do not have to have an assistance dog or puppy-in-training to participate; however, the post must be related in some way to assistance dogs (i.e., guide dogs, hearing dogs, or service dogs). If you’re interested in participating and you don’t have a blog, there are literally tons of websites where you can create one for free, such as WordPress, Blogger, and LiveJournal.

Submissions for the fifth Carnival are due before midnight (11:59 p.m. EDT) on Monday, October 31, 2011. If you’re like me in any way the idea of a deadline is basically meaningless — I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire — and so while I would very much like to have the completed Carnival post up by the following Monday (if not sooner) I’m enough of a realist to know that things might come up. If you anticipate not being able to meet this deadline, please email me or comment here as soon as possible so I know to expect a post from you. And, while not required, it would be nice if you could note in your post that it is for the fifth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival with a link here to this post.

To submit your post for the Carnival please comment on this post with the following information:

  1. The name of your blog (e.g., Gentle Wit)
  2. The title of your Carnival post (e.g., “Puppy Raisers”)
  3. The link (URL) to your Carnival post (e.g.,
    [Note: My website is set to moderate comments from first-time posters, so if you do not see your comment immediately that is likely why.]

One last thing, please feel free to promote the Carnival by sharing the link!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me or leave a comment here! I can also be contacted through any of the social networks listed in the right-hand sidebar.


  1. Terrific topic! And so fast off the mark! Thank you. A very comprehensive announcement. I’m really looking forward to this one.

    • Thank you! Really, it was no problem. As for being quick, well, it was either spend a shocking amount of time writing this up or doing schoolwork. And as I said above, I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire! ;-)

  2. My blog is believe in who you are, and my post is First Major Trip

  3. Great topic! Given how crazy school is getting, time might get away from me before I can think of recent achievements to write about, so I thought I would submit an old post about the most special achievement of all for many assistance dog teams, graduation day which marks the official certification as an assistance dog team. So here is a reflection on graduation day for Gilbert and me, written one year after the fact.
    My blog is called Gilbert and Me. The post is called Our Journey Begins. The link is Thanks for hosting this carnival and I look forward to reading everyone’s entries!

  4. Great Theme!

  5. My blog is the average blog by an average blogger, the URL is
    and my post is


  6. I hope this works…

  7. Hi Cyncy, I think Jaws and the comment box isn’t cooperating very well. I’ve found I have to press the E key twice to get Jaws to focus on the edit box properly before it’ll post. Ok that’s weird…


  8. Well… it seems Jaws won’t let me post comment replies. It’ll only let me post comments that aren’t replies… Gosh. Sorry for so many comments I just need to make sure Jaws will work at least good enough for me to post them even if I do end up mucking around for Jaws to let me do it.

    • Ugh. I an so sorry. I had planned to work on troubleshooting this (since I couldn’t recreate the error on my end), but I have a family situation going on and am away from home for the next few days at least. You might want to contact support in the meantime and maybe they can magic a fix while I am unavailable. (They should at least be made aware there is a flaw with the form.)

  9. Hi Cindy,

    I’ve tried commenting to other WordPress blogs just to be sure that I can use the form. At the moment things seem to be doing rather well! I have a hunch that WordPress has been making changes to this site anyhow, so thanks for the input. I think things are sorted now.


    • Okay. Good to hear. Sorry for the trouble, Michelle, and I appreciate your perseverance in trying to get it troubleshooted and fixed. I apologize for my inability to really help; it’s not been a good week for me.

  10. Blog name: Bead Lavada Jewelry
    Post title: “Service Dog Programs to Avoid”

    While I realize this does not fit exactly within the mold of your theme for the carnival, this is a very serious issues that needs widespread attention. This post was written in response to an experience I had at Canine Partners for Life in Cochranville PA. I expended finite financial resources to travel to this program only to be handed a dog that was in no way suitable for service work. Many of the “red flags” discussed in my post were witnessed at Canine Partners for Life, including the growling.

    • Hi Erica, I know Sharon already emailed you about how unfortunately we cannot use this submission. I didn’t want others who have already or may yet provide a submission be confused, so I just wanted to note that here.

      I do hope you consider writing another post for the Carnival if you are able. And if there is anything I can do to help spread awareness of the issues you’ve posted about, please feel free to contact me.

  11. My blog is Dog’s Eye View and my post is Achieving Team Success.

  12. Blog: By My Side
    Post: The Achievement of Independence

    Thanks for hosting!! It’s a topic that really made me think quiet a lot these past couple of weeks!

  13. OK! My post is UP!
    Blog: After Gadget
    Post: Our Recent Public Access Achievements

  14. Thanks for hosting this round. It took me a bit of time to figure out what to write, but here’s my submission.

    My blog is called ruled by paws and can be found here (

    My submission is called Achieving The Confidence and can be found here (

    Thanks again and I look forward to reading some of the other entries for this round.

  15. i am trying to find other ppl with service dogs here in pineallas or hernado counties in the west coast of fl as i havent found 1 single 1 in my own serch

  16. I really should not have done this today but I did because the mind was churning smile

    My blog is:
    Through a Guides Eyes

    My post is:
    The Border Collie Boys

    The direct link to the post is:

  17. My blog is Dog Days of Kimberfus, and the post title is Achieving Team Balance. Here’s the url:

  18. My blog is Allie’s Antics, I’m a volunteer puppy raiser for Guide Dogs of Texas (GDTx – This past year at GDTx we started our very own breeding program and Allie, my first puppy to raiser, is of the “A-litter”, the very first Texas-bred litter by GDTx. Anyway, the A-litter recently turned 1 year old and we celebrated this with a birthday party where guests brought gifts for the A-litter pups and/or the Guide Dogs of Texas puppy program. The link to my post, “Puppy Party”, is

  19. Awesome! Here’s mine – I’m on time for once!
    My name: Cait
    My blog: Dogstar Academy
    Post Title: Deep THinking
    Post URL:

  20. blog name: Vomit Comet. Post URL: post title: Figuring Each Other Out is an achievement

  21. And sorry for the shortness. I can’t figure out what’s up with the double edit field where I’m to write comments. Anybody wanna enlighten me what is for what?

  22. Cindy–finally! Here is my submission:

    The name of my blog is “plays with puppies”
    The title of my post is “A Puppy-Raiser’s Achievement”
    The link to my post is:

    Thanks for hosting!

  23. Finally have it done!

    My blog: A Story of Hope
    Post: When all seems lost…


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