Paul’s Monsters

Paul sitting at the dining room table, piping frosting onto a cupcakePaul has been truly impressed by the many cupcakes that I’ve made and when he was last over and saw the sunflowers I asked him if he wanted to help with some wacky monsters. According to my mom he’s been talking about it nonstop ever since!

Today he came over a few hours before dinner and got to rummage through my cabinets of decorating supplies, i.e. candy. Then I set him up in the dining room and gave him a crash course in piping techniques.

Tray of cupcakes decorated as furry and string monsters in various colorsAfter I demonstrated how to make one string monster (the one in the middle front row), he cranked out most of the tray you see to the right. I also showed him how to make a furry monster, which he liked but found too hard to make so I did two others in colors he chose. Paul also picked out the candies for the eyes and noses and even piped a few eyes himself in brown frosting. In fact, he worked at making interpretations of several monsters he’s familiar with from TV shows and video games. He’d have to explain them all to you, though because I couldn’t keep up.

And now I’m taking a well deserved nap.

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