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Have been trying to get schoolwork accomplished all day. Between my own procrastination techniques and my mother needing to call and stop over 4,000 times today, I have only been moderately successful. I have three assignments left to finish before tomorrow and I’m significantly concerned at my ability to complete them. This is causing me no small amount of stress.

So, instead I’ll tell you all a funny.

For the last year or so I’ve been avoiding reading anything that will cause my eyes any strain. This has meant that my Kindle has become a godsend and the library, which has always been my ally in book reading, has been essential as both provide me nearly unlimited access to large print and audio books. I’ve mentioned my inability to read regular, small print on BookCrossing where many members search out gifts for others. Not because I expect them to go out searching specifically for accessible books for me but because I don’t want them to be offended when I “release” a gift to someone else without reading it myself.

Anyway, I received a bit of a blunder gift today thanks to a site glitch which was showing books on my wishlist that I had removed. In the mail were two of the Circle trilogy books in large print. I honestly feel bad that the BCer went out searching for books only to send me ones that I didn’t actually want. But I’m highly amused that after quite literally trashing these books I would end up with them in my possession. It’s like they’re haunting me!

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