School Daze

I am not having a good day. There are a great many reasons for this and most of them fall under the category of “Mom” and so I shall instead talk about my wacky and somewhat disturbing dream from last night.

First, a bit of background, there are a number of professors from my college years that I greatly admire. they accomplished exactly what you hope a college professor would: they taught me stuff and made it an enjoyable experience. Then there are the few that did exactly the opposite of this; they’re classes are permanently ingrained into my memories because they were nothing short of torture. I actually had one professor whose entire lecture consisted of reading the textbook aloud to the classroom.

So, anyway, one of these stellar academic professionals had a starring role in my dream last night. I don’t really recall the events leading up to it, but I found myself wandering about seemingly lost. My subconscious was able to readily identify the place as a college campus, though it didn’t resemble any that I’ve been to. My rushing about with guide dog in tow drew the attention of many passersby who wanted to help me find my way, which is remarkably accurate to real life and so I was appropriately annoyed at the constant delays this was causing.

Eventually I found my way to the classroom, which was just large enough to house a round table and its six accompanying chairs. I squished my way over to the only available seat and looked up into the face of Textbook Lecturing Professor. Only because it was a dream was I able to not react when she greeted me like an old friend. She then proceeded to explain the nature of this Child Development course. My dream-self sluggishly came to the conclusion that this was odd since this was outside of the professor’s department and, more importantly, I had already taken the course. Textbook Lecturing Professor is a mind-reader of skill — at least in my dream — and immediately latched onto this fact. She presented me with a pile of forms and began interrogating me about my future course selections. When I balked at the idea of taking three more semesters of courses with her, she replied that I would be forfeiting my only means to complete my program requirements. I didn’t think this was correct, but any chance to argue the point was lost when she suddenly jumped away from her chair and squealed as if it had burned her ass. She exclaimed something unintelligible that my subconscious interpreted as a complaint about dog hair. There was some further incomprehensible shouting on her end and several angry retorts on mine that can only be described as random. And then I stormed out of the class, quite literally dragging Uschi along by her leash.

Then the phone rang and woke me up. The events of the morning have left me little time to ponder the dream, but I can only think that my subconscious is a bit stressed about school. Seems fitting as I’m now in my last week and I have three tests, one quiz, and a huge project due and have a surprisingly small amount prepared for all of these. Unfortunately, those same events that prevent me from truly pondering the dream are also conspiring against me to rectify the lack of preparation. In other words, I’m having little luck with the concentrating thing.

Oh, well. There’s a SWAG Write-In tonight that’s really more a party and if I’m not going to get any work done here I might as well go and get no work done while having some fun with friends.

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