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July 31, 2011

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Nanny!

It is also officially my first day of summer break. I have five weeks of freedom stretching out before me and after the hell that was this last week I think it’s quite well deserved. I plan to make the most of it in as many fun ways as possible. Not the least of which shall be to read the many books that are piled on my nightstand and queued to download to my Kindle. Pleasure reading always falls by the wayside during school and it’s a sad thing.

For now, I’m having a grand time rewatching Wonderfalls and am thinking I may follow this up with some Pushing Daisies. :-)

Lazy Saturday

Uschi lying on the living room floor with a bone tucked between her paws

Crunch Time

Finals week is almost over. I am about 65% sure I will survive it. The remaining percentage is mostly curled up in the fetal position, whimpering pitifully, and is basically convinced that instantaneous death is an absolute destiny.

I had intended to procrastinate a bit with all the school stuff by finally posting about last weekend, but then Cindy called me first thing this morning in tears because her elderly Golden retriever wasn’t able to get to his feet this morning. Long story short, I spent most of the morning helping her out. I did manage to finally get to the post office and rid myself of the dining room table full of packages to be mailed. I also got Uschi’s replacement license. And had the most delicious breakfast at The Blue Ribbon.

For now I present to you one of my favorite photos of the bunch from last weekend:

Me and Uschi with Scrappy Doo at The Great Escape

And as everything for school is officially done as of tomorrow, I expect to make good on that promised post of all our fun.

Things on a Thursday

  • Finals Week is almost done. I want to be excited about that, but so far I’m only managing to be stressed about the 100 million things I have to get done before the week is over.
  • Supposedly my bill is paid for the fall. I will believe this when I don’t receive another five bills saying that it is still due.
  • I bought a postage scale. I am hoping this will cut down on the 9 billion trips I make to the post office to mail packages.
  • I have been promised pictures from last weekend by Saturday, so I should have a lot to blog about soon. And the time to actually blog it!
  • I’ve been rewatching Wonderfalls. I remain completely entertained and amused by this show. I’m thinking a Pushing Daisies rewatch may happen soon after I finish.
  • I have an entire month off before the fall semester. I intend to read all the books ever. Or at least the dozen or so piled up on my nightstand and queued to download onto my Kindle.
  • I had a dream last night that my grandmother was watching Yara. I don’t really know why since she’s about as likely to take one of my dogs as my mother, but there was a whole plot to sneak her out of the house. It still wasn’t nearly as odd as the dream about school, though.
  • My life is really dull at the moment.

Very Unhappy

I had this whole other post planned1 and then I read this interview at DC Women Kicking Ass and my vision went red. I’ve been stunned into silence by the news of DC reboot. The only coherent thing I’ve had to say on it is that I’m totally baffled by the entire thing. It all just seems like a giant mistake and the strategies involved seem largely off base. But I apparently missed the whole Barbara Gordon! I think Jill Pantozzi’s op/ed piece at Newsarama says most everything I could think of.

This is good because I’m so angry I can’t form words right now. And the more I read about the whole thing the less reassured I am and the more confused I become. The justifications that DC has for taking Babs out of her chair and putting her back into her cape and cowl are just, well, lame.

  1. Sadly, no, it was not the recap of The Great Escape.