“This is not my best day ever.”

Charlie Brown standing on the pitcher's mound, exclaiming: "AAUGH!"

Yeah, that about sums up my day.

First, my fridge and microwave are waring with one another. The fridge is getting a workout thanks to the higher temps and so it won’t allow me to use my microwave without tripping the circuit breaker. This is making me several kinds of miserable mostly because I don’t have another place I can plug either appliance into.

Then, my mother and I installed my air conditioner. This went fine and well, aside from the fact that I spent ten minutes trying to explain to her that she was attempting to shove the front of the a/c unit out the window thus making it somewhat useless. No, the stress came afterward when after all this we went upstairs and I noticed that one of the a/c units she has had in her window for the last month or so is upside-down. After getting over the absurdity of the whole thing we fixed it and then spent a good ten minutes laughing about it. Thankfully, she hadn’t used it much aside from this morning since installing it earlier this month so it doesn’t appear to be flooded.

After that lovely adventure we started on a truly random project which entailed use of the drill. Except the drill is missing the drill bit and only after showing my mother than you cannot adequately make a hole with a screw bit did she go out to acquire a new one. I should have gone with her because not only did the salesperson then STEAL the screw bit from our drill but he tried to tell my mother that the way you replace the bits is by having the drill powered on! I am so glad she attempted to demonstrate this lunacy in front of me before she burned her hand off. We both went back to the store to report the idiot and reacquire our missing drill parts.

But the very best thing happened just about an hour ago when I was trying to get logged into my online class. I needed a file that is on my laptop but as it’s backed up onto my external HD I decided to forego using the laptop and just do the work in my office. Probably good I felt so dedicated and not lounge about on the sofa near the a/c because it turns out my external HD has died on me. It takes with it many a file, including all my photos, music and other entertainment type things. Also I’m pretty sure my most up-to-date copy of my résumé and password safe and probably things I can’t recall now but will be very important at a future date. Having been a dummy before and not been good with the backing up thing, which is why I was given the damn thing in the first place, I am happy to say most of the things on there are also stored elsewhere. Though, not nearly in as organized a way.

My head hurts.


  1. You’re having quite a day! I had a similar fridge/microwave battle the summer before last, but since the downstairs neighbors moved out I haven’t had that problem. Screwy wiring. :(
    I’ve heard that sometimes putting a recently dead hard drive in your freezer for a while and then taking it out and trying to back it up works for rescuing files sometimes, but it didn’t work for me the one time I tried it. I have a second back up external HD for this exact reason. My Sister laughed and said I was paranoid when I told her I wanted another one for my birthday, but I’ve lost everything on my computers too many times to not be worried about hard drives dying now.

    • Yes, this house has some major wiring issues. It is one of the many reasons it is not my forever house. As for the hard drive, it’s dead and gone. I’m just happy I didn’t lose anything truly important because that has totally happened before. It’s one of the reasons I have almost no photos of Dolly. *sigh*

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