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Nesting Instinct

Who needs words when there is so much cuteness to behold:

Uschi lying on the sofa, buried underneath a pillow

June 29, 2011

Fourteen years ago today I walked across a stage to accept an empty leatherette case symbolizing my ascension into the “real world.” Put more plainly: I graduated from high school. Here’s a photo of me from back then.

In other news, I feel old.

Perhaps this is why eight week courses remain intense. Doesn’t seem to matter how far ahead I am, I constantly feel buried under the mountain of work to be done. Case in point next week I have five papers due and one of them is a massive term paper that I wanted to start well before now because of its weight on my grade. Except I have no shortage of other work to be done as I also have five papers due this week and so far I’ve only finished one. At this point I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not that I’m about at the halfway point of these courses. I’m doing exceptionally well in both and I don’t have any doubt that will change. But the more heavily weighed assignments are packed into this second half of the time left and I’m exhausted just thinking about the work involved.

Have been distracting myself from that stress with attempting to read. Have only been mildly successful at this because my brain is so tired that I’m finding it hard to really concentrate on pleasure reading. This is pretty typical when I’m busy with coursework so while it’s somewhat sad it isn’t a surprise. I’m currently reading Water for Elephants. I’ve also been keeping busy with BookCrossing. In fact, my dining room table is currently buried under packages waiting to be mailed to all corners of the world thanks to a game of tag going on in the forums. I’ve nearly cleared off an entire shelf of books I can no longer read, which is good because I needed a place to stash all my textbooks.

I’ve also been distracting myself with mail of another sort. I have a small confession for you masses, aside from books I have an astonishingly large collection of postcards. I blame this fully on my father, who started me buying them whenever we were any place that sold them, and my grandmother, who pointedly requests one be sent to her whenever I step foot outside of my resident county. Honestly, I should probably organize them rather than have them all — both blank ones and those I’ve received — all tossed in a file box. It’s one of those things I keep saying I’ll do, but as it’s not high on the list of priorities it never gets done. The box has traveled quite a bit from all my various moving about, which is more than I can say for a good number of other things. Anyway, on a whim, since enough people have mentioned it in passing, I joined Postcrossing. Not much has come of that other than my sending out even more mail. At this point, I’m fairly sure my mail carrier thinks I’m trying to salvage the postal system single-handed. But I figure it might get me to organizing this potential fire hazard sitting under my printer and I’ve been sending postcards out sporadically enough to various people that it seemed worth trying out. Plus, it’s always nice to get something in the post that isn’t a bill or junk mail.

My Little Serenity

Had to share, but I honestly have no words for this:


Bullets for your Monday:

  • The fourth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival has been announced and this time the theme is The Difference. As per the usual, all are welcome to join provided your post is related to assistance dogs in some manner. Submissions are due by July 22nd. (Which, if history says anything, means I’ll start mine on July 21st.)
  • After nearly six months, I think we’ve finally established a meal routine in the house. In the morning, Uschi heads straight for her crate when we come in from our first trip to the end of the driveway. And she seems to recognize when it’s dinnertime, too. She’s only very sporadically not eating all of her food, which thrills me beyond words.
  • Speaking of the furry one, she’s taken to claiming my spot on the sofa. Reclaiming this spot (where the light is best for me to read) instigates a rousing game for Uschi that entails moving to the other end of the couch only to leap back into my spot before I can plant myself in it. A few times she’s leaped right on top of me and let me tell you 70 pounds to the gut is like falling down a flight of stairs: it really knocks the wind out of you!
  • New television premieres last night. Was rather underwhelmed by both Leverage and True Blood to be honest. Though, my greatest moment of amusement for the day was hearing Pam say “Fangtasia was everyone” including pets. And it may just be me, but the open button way that Jason is poured into his deputy uniform makes me feel like he’ll just start shaking his ass and stripping at any moment.
  • In another realm of entertainment, found out the other day that I was selected as one Kat Richardson’s minions. I am shocked and amazed and pretty darn thrilled to get some mail that isn’t a bill or junk. Not that I really needed the excuse, but it should be fun to spread the awesome of the Greywalker series in an “official” capacity. Heh.
  • On the topic of books, it’s worth mentioning that after a little under eight months as a member, Spirit Bound became my 100th registered book on BookCrossing last night. I thought it a rather applicable book for such a milestone being it’s a favorite in a few respects. Will probably pontificate more on BC at a later time seeing as…
  • I have a metric ass-ton of schoolwork to get done this week. I don’t know what crazy power possessed me to take two eight week courses. They really suck.
  • Though, somehow managed to get all my work in on time last week even with a horrific migraine. Still have the tail end of it. (Meaning that I’m feeling slightly head achy and very nauseated. Blargh.) Was asked the other day how things are going in this department. Between that assignment, the fact she posts every new assignment late (giving us less time to work on it), and she takes forever to grade everything, well, I rather detest her.
  • Oh, in completely other news, I believe I might make some cupcakes this week. :-)


As it comes with a great level of annoyance I can’t quite call this a blessing in disguise, but it is worth mentioning that the loss of my external harddrive has left me with little in the way to distract myself from school work.

Unlike many people, including what appears to be nearly everyone in my writing group, I really need silence to concentrate. I remember the first time an author I read posted on her blog about the music she listened to while writing one of her books and being completely baffled by the concept. It’s fairly impossible to grow up in my family and not love music. In fact, the only reason I wasn’t forced to take an instrument in school was because I was so busy with choir.1 However, I find that I’m either listening to the music or diligently ignoring it so I can concentrate on my work.

So, of course, at least half of my time doing anything is spent fiddling with my iTunes and being completely wrapped up in whatever is playing. And that’s when I’m not suddenly in the mood to watch Avatar or a Charlie Brown short. I guess it isn’t any wonder that I’ve been quite the diligent student this last month because I haven’t had the close proximity of distractions to pull my focus.

Well, that is if you don’t count the Internet, but most of the time I’m researching something for an assignment which takes enough focus to keep me from constantly refreshing my Twitter page. At least, most of the time.

  1. I did learn to play the piano, though.