Two Fountains

For all her interest in water, Yara never seemed too keen on the idea of swimming. She was always quite eager to explore any body of water, especially if it was moving, but the few times I gave her the opportunity to swim she just wallowed around and got her belly wet. Or more aptly, as was the case at Crossings, got super muddy and then required a bath at Sarah’s. This was a huge departure from Dolly who practically lived to swim; she was particularly fond of my father’s pool. We actually built her a ramp so she could get in and out herself and she made good use of it! Of course, Yara never gave much of a thought to snow and now that she’s retired she seems quite keen to play in it so perhaps this will change once said pool gets opened this year. Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to expect with Uschi in this vein. Turns out yesterday I would find out exactly what her opinion on this swimming thing was.

Uschi, in harness, sitting in front of King Memorial Fountain (aka: the Moses statue) in Washington ParkWe had a very jam-packed day, but since we were in downtown Albany and it was not raining for the first time in weeks we detoured a bit into the parks to get where we were going. Washington Park was of course one of those detours and it was actually almost eerie to walk through it as it was pretty much empty with the major exception of a landscaping crew mowing lawns and such. I’m actually really glad that we took that extra trip out a few weeks back because the tulips have already been dug out (and are traditionally sold in a bag sale) leaving most of the flower beds very empty and what isn’t gone is already past its prime bloom. Since it was so empty, I thought I’d attempt to get a photo of Uschi by King Memorial Fountain — the Moses statue, as most people refer to it. It’s proximity to several street entrances and the dog park make it a very high traffic area, so I’ve had limited success in the past getting photos of the dogs here. Anyway, something about the water being behind her seemed to make Uschi a might twitchy and so she wouldn’t sit still for very long. I did get the photo to the right, but as you can see from how she’s positioned it’s pretty obvious she didn’t sit like that for very long. Since there wasn’t much else about to photograph I didn’t bother torturing her beyond that.

Uschi, in harness, with her front paws on the fountain the in Lafayette ParkLater, we walked through Lafayette Park which was always one of Yara’s favorite spots as we took often took our lunchtime constitutional there. Uschi didn’t seem too impressed with this little park, but I brought her over to the fountain, which was Yara’s absolute favorite place, and she immediately got up on the edge to take a closer look. And then all of a sudden she was in the fountain! I spent a few moments debating dragging her out by her neck or just letting her have at it. As it was she was already soaked and it was nice and sunny so I figured after our lengthy work day she deserved a bit of fun. I didn’t let her stay in long, but she got to paddle herself a few circles before hopping out and thoroughly drenching me. Then we had a nice romp in the grass to help her dry off. She seemed especially pleased with this and got SUPAKRAZY excited and actually tackled me to the ground at one point!

It was a fun day! Now I’m left with the task of finding somewhere I can take her that she can really get her splish-and-splash on. It also dawned on me that Uschi has now taken the coveted title of Dog-dini away from Yara; who would have thunk it?


  1. Uschi’s welcome to swim in our pool this summer. We’ll probably be opening it up sometime in the next couple weeks. Since Clio passed away (Nov.2008), our pool has been sadly dog-free because Tally refuses to swim.

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