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Props to you if you get the title/link reference. (Hint.)

So, anyway, things around here are much the same. Enjoying the lovely weather and free time while I have both to enjoy. Summer semester starts up next Monday and my books have not yet arrived which is a bit disconcerting.

Yesterday I had this whole thing go on with the neighbors. They are the strangest of people and I don’t know what’s up with them. They seem to covet their stretch of the road directly in front of their house to the point that they’ve literally accosted some of my friends when they’ve parked there. Interestingly, they have no problem parking their vehicles anywhere on the street and this has included positioning their car so that it completely blocks my driveway. They seem to take great offense to the fact that my dogs use the end of my driveway as their relief area. They always seem wary of walking by the area if I’m out there and I’ve yet to go out at night without them turning on the porch light on me. It’s the creepiest thing, but yesterday trumped all that.

Uschi got into something or other and had a bit of an upset tummy. So, when she was relieving herself this translated into sick. I rarely will not clean up after my dogs, especially on my own property. It’s actually fully legal for me to not do so, but it’s disgusting and I can’t really look down my nose at lazy sighted people if I don’t bother myself. Anyway, I can’t very well clean up sick with a bag, so I was walking Uschi back into the house when someone from next door yells at me from an upstairs window.

“You need to clean that, you know?”

No, really? Hadn’t thought of that. Of course there’s the whole point of it being sick and me only having a bag. Not to mention it’s my property so why should she care.

I cock my head up at the voice and yell back, “Mind your business.” Then, I remember that this is the same neighbor who stole my garden hose — and admitted that he “borrowed it without asking” and so I continue, “Perhaps it’d be a bit easier to do that if you hadn’t taken my hose. Not exactly able to pick this up with my bare hands.” I don’t get a response, but later the police show up! Yes, I’m completely serious.

I have a fundamental issue with police officers when it comes to my guide dogs. I had this experience a few years back where I got thrown out of a liquor store for bringing in my guide dog because the owner was scared of dogs. I told him it was illegal to do so and we went back and forth on it. Eventually he threatened to call the police on me I told him he was well within his rights to do so . . . and so he did. And what I discovered once they arrived is that police officers are shockingly ignorant about access laws. The police officers that showed up yesterday about my supposed lack of cleaning up after my dog were just as ignorant of pooper-scooping laws.

Not that it mattered because after taking Uschi back inside I had immediately come back out with a large watering can to wash away the waste. Exactly as I had planned to do even without the hostile neighbor. And being the nosy sort they seem to be I’m fairly certain this did not go unnoticed.

For her part, Uschi seems to be fine now. No idea what she got into that made her tummy all wonky, but I’ll take my good news where I can.

Happy Memorial Day!

Three day weekends are a bittersweet thing. On the one hand they are a lovely blessing in their escape from the drudgery of work and/or school, but they also seem to pass by far too quickly.

This current one is no exception for me, but I have been spending it quite well by converting another dear soul to the wonders of Firefly. I’ve actually been watching whilst reading the shooting scripts and it’s been an interesting and informative viewing all around. It’s been a good way to spend my last bit of free time before the summer semester starts next Monday.

Today should round out the last of the episodes and if we haven’t become permanently adhered to the sofas we might watch Serenity, too.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

Yara taking a drink from the lake

I mentioned the just other day how obsessively interested Yara is in water and I think this photo by Heidi Benjamin rather aptly expresses that. It remains one of my favorites from last year’s shoot.

Related, I’m also quite partial to this photo by Red Cottage Photography of the two of us walking along the shore of the lake. I love how the water looks like this huge expanse of light in the image.

“Water for Elephants”

One of my stranger quirks is that the one exception to my loathing for spoilers is when it comes to books. Not that I necessarily want huge plot elements known to me beforehand, but I don’t have issue with reading a book I’m already familiar with. In fact, I’m a big re-reader of books I greatly enjoy. By extension I don’t tend to mind so much if I see a movie before reading a book. Last night, I saw Water for Elephants, which I’ve had on my to-reads for awhile now not so much for the reviews (which among my friends have been predominately ambivalent) but because the author initially wrote it during NaNoWriMo. Odd, perhaps, but the truth is it’s not a genre I generally gravitate towards.

Anyway, mild spoilers to follow. [Read more…]

Once More with the Done!

Clearly, I spoke too soon when I proclaimed my school drama over and done. In fact, I’ve spent the better part of the last month eating those words. Repeatedly, at that.

It would seem that incompetence is contagious because I can’t even entirely blame the school with this round of crap. Oh, I can surely blame them for charging my credit card twice for my book order. And I am quite capable of pointing the finger at them for double billing me for tuition. But beyond that I can mostly only gripe and complain because the rest of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of my doctor’s office. See, if all that crazy with the registering wasn’t enough there’s the mountain of paperwork the college requires for this near insignificant class and part of that dead tree was an immunization record form. Well, turns out even though I’m damn sure I’ve provided them with all my previous medical files, including and certainly by no means limited to my immunization history, my GP couldn’t find these things.

Let me explain, my doctor’s office went paperless about two years ago and in doing so apparently a few of us pre-paperless patients got the shaft and whoever was in charge of entering our information into the computer got distracted by something shiny and forgot us. Needless to say, this “we can’t find [insert important medical information here]” has happened several times now.

Anyway, being that I’ve moved since originally giving them my immunization stuff it’s not surprising that I couldn’t find my own copies of all this so I had to go in last week to have titers drawn to determine if I needed any vaccines even though I’m damn sure I’ve had at least 3 MMRs in my life at this point. What is shocking was that the titers came back that showing that I am not immune and so I had to go back to the office yet again for an MMR. Of course, because this is related to school I was merely told to “drop in whenever” and I dropped in at exactly the time that the doctor doesn’t see patients and the nurse who can actually give shots wasn’t in. Which meant, you may have guessed, a third trip into the doctor’s office to get the damn shot.

After all that was accomplished I could finally head off to the campus to hand in all of the required paperwork cluttering my desk. I might have been amused that almost every piece of paper the school requires needs to be brought to a different office and none of them are remotely near one another, but I was too busy doing a Dance of Joy that I might finally have traversed all the red tape to take this class that I plum forgot to care.

In other news, I am tired and water is wet.