Loving sister that I am I sat through G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra with my half-brother. Bad doesn’t seem an adequate word to describe that film, but after sitting through two hours of brain-rotting via the film, it’s all I have. Anyway, somewhere in this torture session via Blu-ray I mentioned Trilogy Tuesday and one thing leading to another we are apparently having a marathon of all things Star Wars. My compromise in this was that we start off with the original theatrical releases of the first three films. I haven’t seen them in over a decade and there is a not small part of me that hopes Paul gets bored with the marathon idea enough that I won’t have to sit through the prequels. Though, I probably could watch Return of the Sith with minimal cringing. At the very least, I’m hoping his interest wanes before we break out the Clone Wars cartoons because I’m quite happy ignoring their existence. Anyway, thus far we’ve watched the original Star Wars, which means my favorite is next. ;-)

In other news, Uschi’s decided that food is only minimally interesting and so she’s been picking at her breakfast. In fact, instead of her morning meal she’s chosen to concentrate on obsessively gnawing one of Dolly’s rejected bones; I think it’s an elk bone. She’s managed to eat it down to about 1/3 of what it used to be and it was well over a foot when I, on Yara’s behalf, bequeathed it to her. Dad says I sent it to Dolly so now I’m scavenging the ‘net to find a replacement because this one is clearly a hit and it’s not going to last much longer. Relatedly, it seems Yara’s been doing the finicky eating thing, too. No signs that she’s particularly ill, but having been through that ordeal many times before I’m sure my father is a might frustrated.

Aside from all that I am preparing to make cupcakes for tomorrow’s SWAG Write-In. Since it will be St. Patrick’s Day I am hoping to make shamrock and/or leprechaun hat cupcakes. That is assuming I can find all the ingredients tonight when we’re grocery shopping. I’d say these should be easy, based on the decorating instructions I have, but I thought that about the squirrels Jenn and I made for Josh’s birthday and they were, well, special.


  1. If the bone is an elk antler, search eBay as there are some people who sell them off there cheaper than you will ever find in a pet store. There is one retailer who has his yellow lab trained to go find the antlers in the woods for him. His antlers I find are very reasoably priced and my dogs love them.

    • I don’t think it’s an antler. And I can’t use eBay anyway since I don’t have a Paypal account. (I refuse to send them all the personal documents they’ve requested to reclaim my own account because of identity theft.) But thanks for the advice, I’ll pass it on to my father in case he wants to get one for Yara.

      Honestly, I can’t figure out what it is and/or where I got it. Haven’t found anything in my email to clue me in as yet.

  2. Hope you can find another elk-whatever-it-is for Uschi. Cupcake decorating – fun! I hope you share photos when they’re finished.

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