College Crew

Today was a fun day! Abby was up from the City and a group of our college friends had gotten together over the weekend to visit a fellow college-mate’s grave. Unfortunately it was such a whirlwind get together that I already had plans and was basically expecting to completely miss out on seeing any of my old friends. But apparently everyone forgot that today was a holiday and long story short: Abby, Rebecca and Andrea showed up at my doorstep a little after noon and we all headed off to The Cheesecake Factory. The food, as always, was amazing. But even better was being able to catch up with everyone; I think the last time I had seen Rebecca was at a similar get together last year at Shea’s.

Abby, Rebecca, me and Andrea having lunch at The Cheesecake FactoryAfter we stuffed ourselves beyond reason we waddled our way to the food court to check out Bettie’s Cakes cupcake stand. I got a “puppie cuppie” for Uschi while the girls checked out all the yummy flavors offered. I was a little wary of giving it to her after Yara since she never liked peanut butter, but Uschi had clearly is not bound by such a limitation. She savored her way through the peanut butter “frosting” and the biscuit topping and then gobbled down the cupcake in mere seconds!

Eventually we trekked the mall a bit more, stopping at Sephora and Macy’s and finally commandeering a table at Barnes and Noble much to the loud irritation of some people nearby who took great offense at my guide dog’s presence. Being so used to things like that after so many years of friendship, my college friends all turned to the woman and placated her with vicious glares before I could even react.

Uschi lying on the floor at Colonie Center, looking very happyAnyway, like any reunion there was much talking. And the applicable promises to try and make such reunions occur more frequently, including potential plans for a group vacation of which I am fully in favor of. And while we all talked of our furry children at great length, it was a nice reprieve for me because for once I wasn’t the one having to answer questions or go into detail about some aspect of guide dog handling. It’s not necessarily a burden when that does happen, and beyond the fact that there is obviously much blogging about such things going on here such conversations occur freakishly often after starting a new partnership, but it was somewhat freeing to be amidst a group who’ve all heard it before and can move on to other things with ease.

I already miss everybody!

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