Card and Contract

Fidelco ID card which has an image of Uschi and me to the left of the school's logo and contact information

Arriving in today’s mail, just one day shy of three weeks post-training, was our contract and identification card from Fidelco. Things aren’t official until the six-month mark, though, but it’s nice to have the paperwork in my hand that says Uschi is mine. Unfortunately, I think I dislike this photo even more than my last one. But it is our very first photo together. And, of course, there’s always a slew of professionals to take pretty pictures. In fact, as you might have guessed, my friend Jean took a few last weekend. I’m still waiting on the full images, which is why I haven’t yet shared them all, but they should be here in the next day or three, so I promise you don’t have to wait long.

On a totally different topic, for those of you on Facebook you really need to read this note. Apparently, once again FB has decided to change things without any notification to its user base, so if you don’t have the option set to see everyone’s posts, you can’t see updates from all of your friends. Way to fail, Facebook. *sighs

EDIT: It seems the note has been removed — as well as any FB links to the note. Nonetheless, to fix this option and/or check your settings: go to the main Facebook page, scroll to the very bottom and click “Edit Options.” There at the top is an option to “Show posts from” which should be set to “All of your friends and pages.”


  1. Oh, sweet, mine’s already set to see everything. Thanks :)

    • Mine wasn’t. I actually didn’t see the note being linked until I switched the option. Go figure. I discovered it because I went straight to a friend’s page looking for something else and it was her most recent post.

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