Uschi in harness, looking very serious, standing in my snowy driveway

Training today was pretty short since we were doing traffic checks. I always find traffic check day to be incredibly nerve-wracking, especially since I took a pretty good spill last time and then managed to slip and fall on my own driveway this morning. Anyway, Tommy came up to drive while Jason walked the route with me to prompt us on the appropriate time. Without a doubt, Uschi is the most sensitive guide I’ve worked when it comes to traffic, not only making a clean stop but often backing up quite a bit. Tommy joked that she actually “multi-tasked” a bit referring to a cat we came across that clearly distracted her, but she was still very mindful of the van turning in on her.

Both Jason and Tommy noted that because of Uschi’s incredible sensitivity they didn’t want to completely stress her out so we didn’t do an incredibly lengthy walk. Maybe two blocks or so, which did seem to take awhile to navigate since it’s so damn icy out! But even so I feel very confident in Uschi’s reaction to traffic and even during that short walk she was starting to display some avoidance, showing me nearly every house on the street and trying to walk me further up a few driveways. It was pretty amusing, honestly.

After all that we took a trip to City Hall to get Uschi licensed. The clerk who was helping us seemed to defy the physics of incompetence and somehow gave me a piece of paper that says I renewed Uschi’s license. But I have a tag and they didn’t charge me, so I guess that’s good enough. We also took a trip to Parkside Vet to start a file for Uschi and give them the necessary paperwork on her medical history and vaccinations. They also took an initial weight for her that neither Jason nor I agree with. But they weighed her twice to be sure and it still came out as 60 lbs. Jason said he personally weighed Uschi when filling out the “current” weight on her medical history form from the school and she was 70 lbs. I have to side with him because she definitely feels substantially heavier than Yara, who was 65 lbs at her highest. No way does this dog weigh less than that! Oh, well, I’m glad he was present for that initial weigh-in because I’d have probably fainted if I had another dog lose double digits in her weight. We’re blaming it on different scales for the moment, though I did point out that I weighed Yara on both and the result was similar.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Tomorrow we’re doing more inside stuff, including my mortal enemy: the escalator.


  1. Sounds like a good day, even though I despise traffic checks. Glad yours went very well.

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