To Troy and Back

After two snowstorms in a week, I believe it is safe to assert that I have guide dog training bad weather luck. When I trained with Dolly we had a record high temps and a drought. Also, there was a tornado. Training with Yara led to two blizzards over the two weeks we trained.

Headshot of Uschi sitting in the living roomIn fact, I’ve been apologetic for quite some time about the mere possibility of training this winter because I’d already been convinced of my ability to bring about horrid weather. I even said as much to Jason when he called. And yet, I think everyone thought I was kidding or at least speaking with great hyperbole.

Yesterday seemed to be the turning point for our instructor. We had planned to take another trip to the mall and before taking off had decided to go to Crossgates this time around. After driving for a remarkably long time, we passed Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which opened a few months ago in Troy. . . .

Somehow the GPS had been giving us directions to the Troy Atrium, which caused me no small amount of amusement since we basically were headed in the opposite direction of where we had intended to go. So, we decided to take a “break” for lunch. As we ate, the snow only seemed to fall harder and harder and it seemed pointless to even attempt a drive to the mall with the roads as bad as they were. In fact, it took an inordinately long time to just get back home!

Hopefully, today will prove at least slightly more productive.

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