On Our Own

We had a pretty short training session yesterday, working only in the morning. Jason will be back Thursday to finish off the last of few days of training, but for now we’re left to our own devices.

We worked at Price Chopper yesterday morning. Uschi got her first taste of the slightly complicated entrance to the grocery store from the bus stop and she guided me from the sidewalk through the parking lot and to the doors like she’d been working the route forever. In fact, she did perfectly well in the store and showed hardly any distraction. Not even at the meat counter or the pet supply aisle. It was almost too easy.

Back at home we went through all the necessary paperwork that had to be signed save for the contract which will be signed at the end of training next week. Aside from country travel, we’ve completed everything required to complete training. It always goes by so fast! Anyway, we’ll work on the country travel next week, though, it’s not a skill that will be used a lot in this area. And we’ll also work more on the dog distraction when Jason returns. For now, Uschi and I get to work independently for a few days. I like that the school routinely gives the student this opportunity to work alone because that would be when any potential issues would crop up, not when you have a trainer walking behind you. Not that I really anticipate any issues.

However, I’m not sure how much beyond a walk around the block we’ll get done today as I have a literal mountain of schoolwork to finish. Not to mention due to Monday’s holiday I’m stuck without a local bus for two days. But I do have a few things planned for next week at the very least and we can always walk around my neighborhood. Oh, and there’s always obedience and inside stuff to work on, too!

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