Hello, Uschi!

Uschi lying on the living room floor

Above is one of the few photos I’ve managed to get of Uschi today. She’s proving to be quite a fidgety thing and so mostly all I’m getting is a big grey blur where there should be a GSD. While Yara was long and lean, Uschi has a much stockier build. In fact, in every way that Yara was angular and long (body, legs, tail, muzzle), Uschi is short and thick. I’d say she’s probably about equal in size as Dolly was, but with much different in build. She’s a sable, as I mentioned before, but much lighter than Yara with more grey in her coat. Her under side and legs are a very light grey, almost white color.

I mentioned earlier that due to postponing the start of training a day, we had planned to actually get some harness work in. (Actually I think I neglected to mention the harness part, but I do believe I said something on Twitter last night.) Well, thanks to the snow, we didn’t end up doing that. Instead, we did the usual Day 1 stuff: going over paperwork, meet and greet with the new dog, and being left to bond for the night. With a small deviation, we took a trip to my doctor’s office where it has been confirmed I have a sinus infection. Then we went to the pharmacy for what turned out no apparent reason because they didn’t end up receiving the script for my antibiotics and decongestant. It also happened to be when the doctor’s office was closed for lunch, but thanks to a good friend I ended up getting my prescriptions without having to walk through the ice and snow with just my cane. After all that, we were left to on our own until tomorrow morning when the real work begins.

Mostly, I’ve learned that she is very easily excitable, which I think will be one of the big things we’ll have to work on. Definitely she will be a dog that few will have the opportunity to pet because even a little attention sets her off. She’s also a licker. Unlike Dolly she doesn’t seem to want to coat every inch of exposed skin in her slobber. She’s more a stealth licker, managing to get me in the face a few times already today and swipe a glass I was currently drinking from.

She’s already raided the toy bin and found much enjoyment with trying to make me deaf. Seriously, I thought my previous guides could be kind of obnoxious about squeaky toys, but Uschi was going at the noisemakers in the toys to such an extent that Jason and I actually couldn’t talk over her! It’s also looking like she isn’t nearly as responsible with soft toys as either of her predecessors, so I don’t think the giant fleece monkey or bone will survive very long. And that’s assuming she doesn’t force me to toss them just from sheer annoyance. She did find the cow femur in the bin and chewed on that while I ate my lunch.

Let’s see, what else can I tell you . . . oh, right, she is super quiet! I mean, she has literally whined one time all day and that was to tell me she had to take a tinkle. I’m totally in shock. I even mentioned as much to Jason, who confirmed that she’s incredibly quiet. She’s been pretty curious about people coming up to the house, but even when my friend rang the doorbell when dropping off my scripts, Uschi didn’t make a peep.

Anyway, I’m sure there’s tons more to say, but it’s dinner time for the both of us. More tomorrow, I’m sure.


  1. Sorry to hear about your sinus infection, hopefully it won’t take long to clear up?

    Uschi’s such a pretty dog!

  2. awww, she’s a pretty girl! maybe you’ve mentioned it before and I missed it, but how is her name pronounced? In my head it’s sounding like u-she. has she had any guide training before now?

  3. Congrats!! Uschi is a beautiful dog!

  4. I hope the meds you were able to get today will help you start feeling better soon. Uschi is a beautiful dog.

    • Me too. Definitely my cough and voice are worse today, but that’s kind of the norm for me with sinus infections. I’m going to take it as a good thing that the instructor is already well aware that I’m sick.

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