Dog Day!

For those of you that rely on Facebook or Twitter to be alerted to posts, you may have missed yesterday’s announcement. As a word of advice, the script that sends a notification to those social networks takes a backseat to actually populating the post on the website. So, if those services take too long to respond, the notification doesn’t go through even though on my end it says it has. Better methods to keep track of posts here are definitely through the syndicated feeds: RSS or LJ. If you’re a Blogger user, you can “follow” my blog by going to your Dashboard and adding it. Of course, I won’t stop sending notifications to Twitter and Facebook, I just wanted to note alternatives that are slightly more reliable.

Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand: guide dogs!

Dad and Keith came over last night to pick up Yara and I’m rather relieved to say that my neurotic worries about reluctance in taking her seem rather unfounded. I’m going to assume my dad was just stressed when I spoke with him Tuesday because he was much more optimistic about everything yesterday. I think it’s safe to say we all have our kid gloves on at the moment because my father and Keith aren’t nearly as familiar with Yara as they were with Dolly. And vice versa. Mostly, this is because I lived at home for much of the time I worked Dolly since I was just starting college. So, for her part when she went to live with them as a pet it was like coming home. I think for a bunch of reasons Dad and Keith have tried to distance themselves a bit from Yara. Basically, it’ll be an adjustment for everyone. Myself included.

I’ve said many times that I’m more aware of my guides when they aren’t around — infrequent as that may be — than when they are. This is because so much of our interaction becomes almost subconscious: petting a head both to comfort her or check that she’s not into something she shouldn’t be, checking on her whereabouts in the house during the rare occasions she’s not right there, etc. My dad called shortly after they all arrived home and I’d already caught myself doing exactly that at least five times in the hour or so that elapsed during their drive. I won’t even be without a dog a full day and I’m left wondering how I got through 21 months sans a guide dog!

I’m sure to hear more today, but as of last night’s call Yara seemed to be doing pretty good. She whined a bit in the car, but was otherwise pretty quiet. I’m totally shocked by this since even for a shepherd she’s pretty whiny. She went right for Dolly’s old crate, which they’d set up before leaving to pick her up, and seemed pretty settled. Dad said she seemed to be looking for me a bit, wandering to the back door. But they were distracting her some with treats and Keith went and found Dolly’s monkey toy, which I think is actually bigger than the one I got Yara for her birthday.

Dad called again this morning and said that she was doing pretty well. She spent most of her time at the back door, including sleeping pressed against it all night. Somewhat odd, since her crate is right near it and I’m sure far more comfy than the cold floor. Before going to bed they played with her a bit and she even followed them upstairs and hopped in bed for a bit, chewing a bone. Keith took her out and fed her this morning and she followed him about the house as he got ready. But eventually she went downstairs and Dad said she’s basically been in her crate since. I’m taking the fact that she hasn’t whined much as the best sign.

As for me, I still have the stupid sinus thing, but I do feel better than I did Tuesday or even yesterday. At the very least I don’t have a sore throat or that horrible sinus headache that made even my teeth hurt. I’m taking this as a good sign that I just have a cold and not a full out sinus infection. The latter would definitely make guide dog training much less fun. Even so between the inability to breathe and the nervousness about Yara leaving and meeting Uschi, I had a very hard time sleeping last night. I finally gave up tossing and turning and have been up since about 5 a.m. For so little sleep, I certainly have an abundance of nervous and excited energy. Thankfully there’s lots to keep me busy, so I’m sure the time will pass quickly enough before Uschi arrives this afternoon.


  1. I’m glad Yara’s gone to a wonderful home and that you will still be able to see her regularly. I’m sure she’ll settle down at your Dad & Keith’s soon. It will just take her a little while to understand that she’ll be staying with them.

    Hope everything goes well with Uschi today! Can’t wait to hear about her!

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