Dog Day! (Take Two)

Due to circumstances completely out of my control, it ended up that my guide dog instructor did not make the trip up here from CT as initially planned. Instead, I’ll be meeting Uschi in a few short hours and we’ll be starting our training later today.

I’d say I was incredibly upset and/or disappointed to have to have training delayed, but in all honesty after everything that’s gone on with Yara especially these last few days, I don’t even think I’d fully processed the fact that I was getting a new guide dog. Granted the house seems very empty and quiet and coupled with my own neurotic habits it’s plainly obvious that I’m sans a guide dog at the moment. Still with hardly two weeks notice, I honestly don’t feel it has completely sunken into my apparently dense brain.

Also, based on what came out of my nose when I got up earlier this morning, I’m starting to think I’m in denial that this sinus thing isn’t a full on infection after all. I’ve also developed a cough and it seems to be slowly taking my voice away, which are also bad signs. I’ll be calling my doctor this morning and hopefully I can get in sometime today without it hindering guide dog training too much.

Anyway, best get myself ready for the day. Assuming I get the chance, I’m sure to have another post up later today about Uschi and training.


  1. Hope you can got in to see your doctor today. Guide dog training is hard enough without being sick on top of it.

    • Actually the doctor’s office was very awesome. They literally told me I could come in any time before 1 PM. And it is indeed a sinus infection, so boo to that. But I got antibiotics and a decongestant, so hopefully it will clear up quickly and be a non-issue for training. As it was, I was glad to not have done any training today, just the trip to the doc’s office wiped me out to the point I took a nap shortly after the trainer left us.

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